Double everything when running a double (Read 570 times)


    Forgive me if this is already on your list, Eric. I've noticed that in the advanced graphs, on days where I have run twice in the same day, everything is doubled. My weight is doubled if I do a graph of weight by date, for instance. On those days I weigh over 300 pounds rather than my usual 180-something. The same thing is true of pace. If I do a pace-by-date graph, on the days I run a double, it doubles the pace. In other words, you have 10 minute miles on the other days and then a huge spike of a 20 minute mile on the day I do a double. A minor annoyance, but I thought I would mention it.
      Hello hammerbeck. Yeah this is a known issue. I didn't put in the logic to do average/sum depending on the type. That'll be fixed when I redo graphing, which should be soon. For the time being, the x/y graphs don't have the same problem.