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    Hey everyone!


    Im new to the site but would like to make it part of my class. My community is currently experiencing a surge in running interests and need to find out if there is a away to oversee multiple accounts (Figured this out).for importing data, I thought about possibly using a barcode card for each kid and importing it.  Sadly most of our kids can't afford phones, Garmins, etc. so I need solutions to upload data.


    Feedback is greatly appreciated!


    Thank You!

      Eric may pop in with suggestions on how to make RA work for you, but I think RunKeeper might be better suited to kids, depending on age.  (RA is my primary log, but I actually use 4 logs for various unique features.)


      Runkeeper allows users to tag friends to their runs, and then that run will be added to the friend's log automatically.  So if a group is running together, you log the details (or upload from GPS) once, and then all you have to do is tag all the other participants to create identical entries in their logs.  If the group all ran together, you're done.  Or if you have multiple pace groups, you do it once per group.  (Or have one smart phone per group so the kids can do all the logging themselves!) They would still have to individually log time trials or races where precision mattered, but I'm guessing those would be infrequent in the group you describe.


      It also has a feed feature where you can "like" friend's workouts and comment on them, sort of like FB, which would be popular with most school age kids.  And it's not connected to the RA forums, which are really not suited to anyone below at least high school age.  There are lots of similar running apps out there so there may be others that would work as well or better, RK is just the one I happen to be familiar with.


      Good luck!