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    I have only been running regularly since January, I ran my first (and only) Half Marathon at the end of March, and originally intended it to be a one-off experience. But I got bitten, and decided a couple of days after my race that I would continue running. I have no plans to run another race until that same race at the end of March next year. This is partly due to the fact that I work every Sunday and most races over here seem to take place on that day. The other reason is that I want to feel completely prepared for the next time I race, and having read the articles on here it seems that time spent putting miles in the bank is time well spent. Since April I have been doing a mixture of treadmill and road runs. I use the treadmill during my lunchtimes from work, as my time in the evenings is limited, as my wife works 3 evenings per week and we have children. Most of my treadmill workouts have been pretty near flat out runs (for me!!) of 4-6 miles, my outdoor runs range from 4.5m - 13 miles at an easier pace. I recently read the article that Trent linked to by Hadd, which got me thinking that I wasn't necessarily doing things correctly. So I have purchased a HRM (Polar FS3C) - only a relatively cheap model, and this lunchtime will be giving it a go for the first time. I tried the chest strap on last night, and it feels rather uncomfortable, but i suppose I will get used to it. I also realise that is going to be strange running at 10kph (or maybe less) on the treadmill than my usual 12kph, but appreciate that in time I will benefit - maybe in as little as within 4-6 weeks. Will post up later how I got on!!
      Right just got back. Yep the chest strap is a bit uncomfortable, yep I felt (and am sure looked) a right tit putting it on on the changing rooms, but that said..... I ran 4miles in 38:22 - at a steady 10kph. The readout showed that my average bpm was 125 - but having spent a lot of the 38:22 staring at the little screen, I reckon it was nearer 130. The treadmill also picks up the heart beat from the chest strap, and it was interesting to notice that at no point did the two readouts match!! There were often 10bpm swings either way - and sometimes up to 30bpm different. For the first couple of minutes the readout on the monitor showed up tp 150 bpm, then it settled down before zooming up to 165bpm for about 30secs, 3 mins from the end of my run. Is this variance and these blips to be expected? Afterwards felt pretty refreshed, rather than the usual absolutely knackered - this can;t be good for me surely Big grin
        Hey Plodder, I'm sure you will get used to the chest strap soon enough. It's a bit uncomfortable and geeky feeling at first, but I got used to it soon enough. You can find a lot more information on low heart rate training in the Low HR Training Group.

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