Combine P90 X and running? biking? swimming? (Read 2141 times)

    I have an inherent inability to createa a workout I can stick to.  I've done P90X successfully.  I've done a 24 week Pfitzinger plan successfully.  I am completely unable to combine P90X and cross training, however.


    Is there anyone who has combined the two and is willing to cough up their secret?


    Thanks for your help!


      I am planning to incorporate P90X workouts into my ultra training.  The workouts are great imo, esp. for someone without a weight lifting background.  And it works.


      Two of the workouts/week in that plan are for cardio intensive and so I drop those in favor of running.  Kenpo and Plyometrics.  Yes, Plyo is still beneficial but am making choices here....


      Three are weight/pullup intensive.  These are the ones I plan to incorporate.  Typically one of these if legs + upper body.  If I have to drop on it will be that.  Main thing I intend to do is ensure weekly that I have worked:  Chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back.


      Yoga/stretch is bonus and may try to work that in on weekend


      Core - will do this quick workout 3x week.


      I usually take 2 days off so my plan looks like this


      Mon:  P90X + Core

      Tue:  Quality Run (Speed/form/hills)

      Wed:  Core + Recovery run 6-8m  (maybe P90X but main days are M & F)

      Thu:  E Pace

      Fri: P90X + Core

      Sat:  Long run 1

      Sun:  Long run 2 (Maybe Yoga or stretch X)


      Hope that helps - let me know how you end up doing things as may influence me Smile

      Intentionally Blank

        I am very interested in this.  I started p90x on Jan 1st, and my running has been kind of all over.  20 miles was my lowest week since starting, and 37.5 was my highest.  If I had it to do all over again, I would drop kenpo completely and add a speed day.  Right now I am running all of my miles easy.  I also don't feel like I get much out of Legs and Back except sore knees, so I might ditch that, too.


        When we finish this, DH wants to keep doing some p90x workouts and take up running again for the first time in about 3 years.  But he wants two days off a week, and he doesn't want to double.  I don't see how it's possible to do justice to either p90x or running with 5 workouts a week, but we'll see.

          I started P90X on Jan 4'th so I'm on week 9. Due to injury I was not doing any running and totally have been digging P90X. I just started running again this week and I find myself torn between the two. I can't seem to figure out how to make the two work without one completely subtracting from the other.


          If I make running a priorty again I think I'll keep the P90X workouts that complement my running. Legs and back, core syngeristics, chest and back and Yoga. Personally I find all the isolated arm curling and tricept extentions useless if running is the goal. If I decide to keep P90X as my main workout I'll keep the program intact and just add 20-25 MPW as morning cardio and perhaps replace Kempo(which I don't care for anyway).


          I bought the P90X plus DVD's which looks like an easier way to incorporate with runing. They have a whole body workout, a upper body DVD and a new core workout(to replace ab ripper). I haven't tried these yet but the full body looks like it would be perfect. If I go this route I think I'll do the full body once per week, the core plus or core syngeristics once per week, and the Yoga once per week. The rest will be 50-60 miles per week to prepare for a marathon. I'm just not sure if I'm up to running that much anymore. Plus I just dumped $400.00 on powerblocks.  P90X has has created a monster!!!

          PR's: 5k 19:34 2008 10k 41:05 2008 Half 1:34:34 2007 Marathon 3:29:49 2009 Up next, Spring Marathon NJ?

            Plus I just dumped $400.00 on powerblocks.  P90X has has created a monster!!!


            I got these as well.  They are awesome.