2013 New York City Marathon Thread (Read 600 times)

    This is my proof of life post. My friends say I finished in 3:22:56. Not sub-3:20 but a PR by a minute. Would write more but I'm completely spent right now.


    Congrats, Julia!

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      Congrats, Julia!




      Joanie ran a sub 3. Ridiculous.

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        Joanie ran a sub 3. Ridiculous.


        That's great. Didn't see any coverage of that. Angry


          Congrats Julia!  A PR is fantastic, even if not sub-3:20.  The winds definitely had an effect, I think.


          3:58:44 for me.

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            I volunteered at the start this morning (information, blue corral) Really a great experience, but when you see the last runners leaving, you really get itchy feet and want to follow them....Ah well, next year!

            Personal bests (bold = this year): 5K - 23:27 / 5M - 38:42 / 10K - 49:31 (track) / 10M - 1:24:26 / HM - 1:51:17 / M - 3:58:58

            Next races: NYC Marathon, Nov 2014 

              Great job everyone!  Finished about 12 mins off my goal time. Once I realized I wasn't going to hit my time, I backed off and enjoyed the experience (as much as you can in the last 5 miles of a marathon).  Those hills snuck up on me Smile

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                This is my proof of life post. My friends say I finished in 3:22:56. Not sub-3:20 but a PR by a minute. Would write more but I'm completely spent right now.


                Congratulations, Julia!



                Just run.

                  great work to all the finishers...it was a little tough out there today with the wind.  Great PR Julia, congrats!


                  i had a great race, just short of my sub-3 stretch goal:  3:01:29.  Didnt bonk, ran a pretty good race and am ecstatic with the result.  Oh, and its a 36 min PR. Big grin


                  Big props to the volunteers!  (thx 2-foot!)


                    I had an awesome time as the 4:30 pace group captain.  We hit 4:29:28 and I had a great group going strong with a lot of people hitting a PR!

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                      Congratulations, Julia! You've proved that at PR at New York is possible!


                      I hit my sub 4 goal (3:59:40 to be exact) and am quite satisfied! Not an overall PR, but a PR for this course. I beat my 2011 by 4 minutes and I beat my 1981 time by 1 minute! I'm more than twice as old as I was in 1981, but I probably trained more than twice as hard this time.


                      Nice day, great vibe, wonderful city and running with so many runners from around the world was amazing. I saw runners from Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Japan, Scotland, the UK, and Ireland -- and those are just the ones who were wearing their country's colors or flag.




                        Congrats to all that ran. Nice work Julia and lag wagon, that's a hell of a PR. I hope I can shave that kinda time off my next one haha.


                        Finished my first marathon today at 2:59:39. Just barely under 3, but I'll take it. I moved on Friday and didn't have fresh legs from a week of packing and moving boxes so hopefully with fresh legs and stronger training I can do my next in under 2:50.


                        thanks Dave for your advice. For future runners in my predicament, be sure to get to the beginning of your corral so that when they open it you can walk quickly to squeeze around a few people on the edges. I ended up in a really good spot just ahead of my pace group and met an awesome guy named jack who I paced with for the first half before he took off like a rocket.


                        I found this place through google and read through the past month of posts. Thanks for sharing everyone.


                        Oh and the walk after the marathon is harder than the marathon.

                          Congrats NYC runners!  Great showing for RA!

                          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

                            Yes, congratulations to everyone who ran the NYC Marathon today!

                              Congrats to all the finishers here.

                              Nice going on the PR's Julia and lagwagon! 36 minutes, wow!

                              yourfavorite- sub 3 for your first marathon. Sweet.


                              I did not meet my time goal. I had a good race going up to mile 22 when I started cramping up. I've never experienced that before and it was probably due to bad fueling on my part during the race. Struggled through the park ( mile 23 was a bitch) Finished in 4:10 which is about 11 minutes off my best.

                              But the race itself was an incredible experience. From the number of runners +50,000 , to the number of screaming spectators( millions) it was deafening at times. I wish I could blame the wind more, but I think it was at our sides most of the time.

                              What a day. The whole city of New York felt like a huge small town.






                                The wind was certainly not on my side for the first 20 miles!


                                PR for me @ 2h45:41 and my legs hurt today, yay!


                                Congrast to all runners