Resetting workout types in a running log (Read 339 times)

    I'd like to start using the log again at some point, but throughout time my workout types have gotten horrifically mixed up and there are way more than I need. Is there any way an admin can remove all types of workouts in my account except "Easy", and then I can manually create more if I need to? I would REALLY appreciate this. Let me know if there is anything I need to do. Thanks.



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      You can do this for yourself, there is a "Manage My Activities" feature in the training log.


      Training Log > Settings > Manage My Activities > Select the activity (Run) > Add/delete change the workouts as you need.

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        Thanks. I guess I was wondering if there was any way I could remove the default workout types, such as Tempo, Hill, Long, etc., as I don't use them, but it seems they just disappear off the chart if not used in a long amount of time. 


          The built-in types cannot be removed.  You can rename them, but keep in mind that their meanings do not change.  That is, if you rename "Race" to "Walk in the Park", the software will list your PRs based on workouts that are "Walk in the Park".


          The legend on the chart displays the workout types on the chart.  If the chart doesn't contain a fartlek workout, then you won't see any reference to fartlek on the chart.