Vegan runner needs tips (Read 225 times)


    We don't eat too many beans in the Mediterranean, more rice, pasta and stuff similar to cous-cous.
    OK, we eat some but not as much as the Brits or even my fellow Dutch.

    The "Chernobyl Effect" of beans is actually caused by the spicy stuff you US Americans and Mexicans use with them. I bet you never heard about English breakfast being gas-inducing. In the part of the Mediterranean I know (Spain, Italy, France, Morocco and partly Egypt) we only use very little spices and these are only garlic, bay leaf, paprika (sweet), parsley and to a lesser extent cumin and peppermint. OK, some recipes use other stuff like coriander and I know that in Morocco they use a hot red stuff (can't recall the name), but neither Italians nor French or Spaniards use it (oh, I forgot the Portuguese... but I have to confess that I have no idea what these guys eat).

    Cumin is also a awesome to avoid the afore mentioned effect, just put a few grains into the cooking water of your beans and forget about the dog Wink


    I am Mediterranean, 100 Bercent!


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      then you are maybe right and it's not the cumin but just that the organism of the northerners hasn't evolved correctly yet to digest proper food XD


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      Nope, because of all the flies I eat.


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        ...BTW, I love Koshary


        Me, too!

        "If you have the fire, run..." -John Climacus


          A couple of my kids are vegan, including my athlete son.  Peanut butter is the answer and nuts in general*.  Also plant-based protein powders.


          *wait for it

            When my son was younger he asked me what a vegetarian is. When I explained the look on his face was priceless. He couldn't understand why anyone would want to be one.


            Of course I only encourage that sort of behavior.


              Thank you for all the tips. I will look up that book mentioned. I think there was an adjustment period when I felt I wasn't getting enough to fuel my running, but I think I was detoxing from all of the crap that is in food. I did see the Vegetarian forum but it wasn't very active.


                It's very true. My Cuban black bean recipe only has a bit of salt, *some* cumin, and garlic (the occasional bay leaf)--sans gas : )

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                  I remember a sort of adjustment period after I cut out dairy and eggs but that might have been more psychological than anything. I had no trouble maintaining 40-50 mpw. Lentils are my latest craze.