Age Grading calculation (Read 739 times)

    I'd like to list all of my races from the past, say, three years and automatically calculate AG.  I could do this in EXCEL but can't export just races to EXCEL (or can I?).   I could export all of my workouts and then parse for race, blah blah blah and get it done but an auto (or even optional) AG calculation within RA would be nice.


      You can't export a subset of the data, although that would be pretty cool.  If you provide me with the age graded formula, I could add it to the calculations so you won't need to download anything.

        That would be very cool


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          Agreed. It would be useful.


          I think there are a number of different age grade calculators because it depends which factors you use but this site gives links to the widely used 2006 age factors as an excel table. These will ultimately be superseded by the 2010 factors.

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