Some ideas about a few new features (Read 625 times)

    Hi Eric, First of all, thank you for the site! Now it happened again. I planned a new exiting route which I'm going to run tonight. The thing is that there is a lot of small paths around in the area where I run which are not represented in the map. Therefore the route is quite weird---there's some detours which I just realized after clicking in the route and now checking the physical (and way better) map I have next to me now. Features which could be named something like "delete point from middle of route" and "add point to route between two points" would be extremely helpful to me. Also a "lock route" thing would be great. These would make it way easier to adjust a route. Eventually if you copy an existing route and extend it (which I tend to do), or shorten it, these features will be quite powerful. I know it will require some calculations and thoughts. For instance the length of the route etc. should be recalculated. Maybe the notes set on the map should be moved (maybe there should be two type of nodes, one which is attached to the route and one which are attached to the map). Other things might have to be considered carefully as well. Therefore, if the features are not already on your "Wanted features" list, I hope that you'll add them.
      Argh! Stupid me. Wrong forum. Could you move it? Well, and to make it even worse, I forgot to mention the "move point" feature.
        Hi Casper, Having a fully editable map is one of my goals. It's not too easy to do, but I know it's doable. It's on my list of things to do. Hopefully I can get to that soon. eric Smile