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    And the weather is pissing me off. I have been up 10 minutes and I am sweating whilst sitting here at the computer. No sign of change either with next weeks forecast showing no fluctuation in temperature or humidity at all. Every day has a prediction of 73-75 F with 90-100% humidity and the hole in the ozone near NZ has shifted slightly giving us an alert factor of 11 (the highest possible) for UV exposure. Rain is forecast (monsoons and thunderstorms) every afternoon. Auckland Weather Report I guess the good thing is that at least my running justifies this sweating! My long run on Saturday was 12.84km (so just over the 12K race distance) and I ran it slow and steady in 1:19:01. I am keeping in mind that the hills I will be running in the race are a lot steeper than the local ones so I thought that I would aim to run the first half (6k) at my easy pace and see how I cope with the steeper hills. If I am doing well by the half way point then I thought I would kick it up to tempo pace (or just below) until the final 2K where if I feel I have extra to give I will up the pace to the max until the finish. Does that sound reasonable? My original goal was to run Waiheke in 1:20:00 - 1:30:00. If the hills don't kill me I think I will manage better than that though. My knee has been great since the injury and I haven't had a single twinge. My right ankle has had a small issue with stiffness but ice after each run has kept this under control so I am feeling good. This next week I am only running twice. 7K - Monday Rest - Tuesday 6K - Wednesday Rest - Thursday Rest - Friday Race - Saturday I don't want to push my luck woth the knee/ankle and I want to go out as strong a s possible. I'm really nervous! So excited about meeting other runners though. I have a million things flying through my head - race strategies, questions, worries! I wonder if there will be anyone else in the 12k that has only been running 10 weeks! Claire xxx Here's the map and topography for those that want to peak... http://www.runningahead.com/maps/b6fb1106b33a4012a39fce507b5271f4
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      Sounds like a good plan to me. Smile You're going to do fine, girl. Relax! Big grin

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        Hey, your going to be fine. Smile I was so nervous before my first race that I didn't sleep at all the night before. You may experience the same thing so get a good night sleep on Thursday night. Your plan seems more that reasonable and you should start out slow and then adjust at mid-point. Also, remember, hills are just an opportunity to pass others. Good luck and let us know how you do.

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          You are gonna ROCK that race! Big grin k

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            Good luck Claire, you'll be great!! I second that thing about being nervous and not sleeping the night before, so be sure to get as much rest as possible up until then!

              Hi Antipode Smile, Sure, rain, heat, etc. etc. But your race strategy is ok, your schedule for this week is ok and... You are going to love racing! bas

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                Have a fantastic race, Claire! Big grin Sounds like you have a great plan for the few days before the race -- you'll be rested and ready come race day!
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