Proper clothing for 30~45 degree runners (Read 110 times)


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    It can be hard to put up with being cold for the first 10 minutes of a run, but you'll warm up.  My body has a habit of warming up too much early on and then after a half hour or so I start to cool off, so I'll sometimes carry a light, extra layer to put on later in the run.

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      Excellent point. It also matters what type of workout you are doing.  An easy run will generate less body heat than a hard tempo run.  For races I'll usually warm up in extra layers and then strip down to my racing outfit for the race itself.  For workouts you could return to your house or car and drop off an extra layer if you need to.


      30-45 is pretty wide range.  What works at 45 might not work at 30.  Also, what works for someone might not work for you.  The best thing to do is experiment with different things and find out what works.  None of this is rocket science.  If you are hot wear less, if you are cold wear more.



      Other factors are things like age, gender, and weight. I'm an old lady and 108 pounds. I don't get overheated easily, but a 30 year old 180 pound guy with much more muscle mass will probably heat up quickly.


      I like removable layers, especially headband, hat, scarf and gloves, that can be easily removed and stuffed in pockets (if it's that cold I usually have fleece vest with pockets over whatever other layers I have on). However, at 45 degrees I'll usually wear a sweatshirt over a tech or tee shirt; after a mile or so the sweatshirt comes off and I tie the sleeves around my waist, and I'm probably still running in shorts.


      I absolutely agree with Kilkee that trial and error will tell you a lot about how to dress.