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    Could someone be so kind as to link me to (or describe yourself) a good 5k training plan?  I'm currently training for a marathon in May, but would like to switch gears towards maxing out my 5k potential afterwards.  My adult PR is 17:44, but I've never done any 5k specific training.  I'm fairly certain I could run a faster time than that right now as all of my speedwork for my marathon has been done at a 5:20/mile pace.  Any and all help is much appreciated.

      Heh.. Gville Kevin is killing it right now.. he might have some good ideas.


      I followed Dainels last fall with success. Most of it boiled down to lots of mile and 5k efforts with tempos on a 3 day cycle.

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        Thanks Parklife. I’m hardly qualified to describe a good 5k plan, but I’ve made decent progress recently. It probably has as much to do with nice marathon build up last year as with anything I’m doing right now.


        What I’m trying to do right now though is pretty close to this Jen Scherer sketch I found on Teif’s web site: http://www.tips4running.com/5K-Training-Schedule.html



        Two workouts: one tempo, one “interval” (time based on/off so sort of more like fartlek, but whatever you want to call it, at faster than tempo pace)

        One “long” run: 10-14 miles moderate (like around or a few tics slower than marathon pace)

        Fill in the rest with easy, two days a week running doubles.

        Strength (and this is new to me since December), doing the circuits from Pfitz’s Advanced Marathoning twice a week.


        That’s my plan for now. Will stick with it until it needs adjusting.  I personally run into trouble with shorter intervals, or hill sprints – my own fault as I inevitably do them too fast or too much and end up tweaking or pulling something.


        There’s lots of other faster folk on here with good ideas though. Stalk some logs. That’s where the really good stuff is.

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          Come all you no-hopers, you jokers and rogues
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            I used this one last spring




            and dropped about 45 seconds off my time (19:37 down to 18:52).  Granted I had put in some good base miles for a while before it, but I thought it was a decent plan anyway for sharpening up before the race.

              Pete Magill (who has run 14:34.27 for track 5000 at age 46, and 14:49 for road 5k, age 47) had a really good 5k training plan on his blog before he shut it down. He now has a link to a summary of the plan on the runners world site, it's not as complete but it's a good read:



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