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    Any advise on continue training for my first marathon? Ive done 3 half marathons since october 2009, but recently decided go take the challenge and go for more.  I started training on May 5th (31 weeks before the race) and iam following a training program out of running-wizard.com.


    Iam still on the aerobic phase, but this last week (23 weeks before the race), i felt it was a little harder on me, i still ran feeling good, but there was a  litte sorenes on my legs (shins, ankles and calfs) later on and while running on my feet.


    thanks!!! and happy runs!



      I think you will get a lot of advice but I think the most important thing I always say = Do not do too much too fast!!!   If you are having that kind of soreness in your body, I would lay off a couple miles or take an extra rest day or something.  Recovery is just as important as the miles you put in and you can't train on wounded legs.  Marathon plans are generic and work for some people but you will have to judge the plan and your body's reaction to the plan.  Make some small adjustments so you can run on healthy feet and ankles, and enjoy the training.  Good luck on the marathon. I am training for my 3rd one now and I love every minute of it !!!

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        Try not to have unrealistic performance expectations

        Be prepared to suffer

        Enjoy the journey


        You will be infinitely more prepared for your second one

        - Joe

        We are fragile creatures on collision with our judgment day.

          Training though summer for a fall marathon can be sucky, but well worth it when it cools back down in October.  Last week's long run is probably why the last week felt tough.  Essentially a HM race pace through the first 8 miles?  Probably nothing wrong with that, but if the weather was hot or humid, may have been a bit too much?


           TypeDistanceDurationTotal DurationPace
          1 Interval 1 mi 8:07.49 8:07.49 8:08
          2 Interval 1 mi 8:15 16:22.49 8:15
          3 Interval 1 mi 8:22 24:44.49 8:22
          4 Interval 1 mi 8:25 33:09.49 8:25
          5 Interval 0.66 mi 4:14.90 37:24.39 6:27
          6 Interval 1.55 mi 13:53.93 51:18.32 8:59
          7 Interval 1.55 mi 13:53.07 1:05:11.39 8:58
          8 Interval 1.55 mi 14:04.23 1:19:15.62 9:05
          9 Interval 0.62 mi 6:19.91 1:25:35.53 10:13
          10 Recovery 0.93 mi 11:25.76 1:37:01.29 12:18

            Try not to have unrealistic performance expectations

            Be prepared to suffer

            Enjoy the journey


            You will be infinitely more prepared for your second one



            I can concur, having done precisely two myself. Smile Don't forget when you tell people you ran your first marathon, they will only ask whether you  finished, not what your time was.

            My 2 cents, the best thing you can do is build up mileage volume, do not worry so much about speed. But to Wolf's point, build gradually & include some cutback weeks. Staying healthy & injury-free is the #1 priority (although don't expect to be completely soreness-free). Including a crosstraining activity to help with general flexibility & core strength can also be useful.

            And remember the difference between a half & a full is much more than a factor of 2.


            Good luck!



              @joescott, i love your honest comments! They made me laugh haha. I imagine that to consider my body initial response to this part of the training, i will need to adjust it, it actually has like 3 levels and i was trying to be in between the faster and the average, might just go for the average for now, that will be less time and distance.


              @ happyfeet, is funny i was feeling tired on sunday morning for the long run, so i decided to run in the evening. i started running that day and i was like, hold on, iam actually feeling great and very much happy right now!!!, so i ran no problem til like mile 6 i think, when i started to feel my feet a little tired, but overall was a great run. yesterday i felt the sorenes on my feet and ankles as i mentioned, and today a little bit on my legs too, but a lot less on feet and ankles.


              @wolfwalker, DaveP yesterday was a rest day, but i was travelling and i actually walked a lot. today iam in buenos aires! haha, but since i arrived very early in the morning i ended up waking up late and now is raining. iam thinking i might just take an extra the day off and jog early in the morning, the training program exactly started calling for jogs on tuesdays since it started getting a little harder like 2 weeks ago. Also i just recently started crosstraining again with boxing class, i was not able to go becasue of work stuff, then i was away on vacations (did some biking, hiking and swimming Smile , now iam away again, hope i can continue boxing when i get back.


              thanks for your comments and good wishes!


                Hello, I took an extra day off yesterday.  Today walked the first 15 minutes then ran ~10-11mi/min during 30 minutes. No soreness so far !!

                Anyways, today was supposed to be day off, but instead i did yesterdays run. Should i try to do the aerobic training scheduled for tomorrow?

                7 mi

                (5.5 - 8 mi)


                (54:00 - 1:10:00)

                9:06 / mi

                (9:56 - 8:37 / mi)


                Not sure really, iam feeeling good right now though.


                  My advice would be :


                  Have a structured training program

                  Read up as much as you can about marathon running

                  Get to know the course

                  Practice your marathon pace

                  Get in speed and hill work

                  Set a realistic goal

                  Have a pace plan for the day

                  Dont over train, even the pro's take rest days

                  Rest when you feel a serious injury coming on

                  Cycling and swimming make good cross training buddies

                  Dont be afraid to change the pace plan mid race

                  You will struggle at times , but getting through those training sessions will help prepare your mind for the big day

                  And remember whatever time you do it in, the fact that you've done it, is the real achievement


                  Good luck Laurita





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                    Laurita, your time and pacing in the Austin Half would indicate that you are a talented runner with the discipline and training to finish well.  My best advice would be to keep doing what you’re doing – only more of it.  Any of the published running plans will serve as a base – just be prepared to adjust them to your daily life schedule.

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