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Chris T

    I am just starting the MAF protocol and have to walk frequently to keep under my max allowable HR as established by the formula.


    My number is 130 and I begin to walk when my HR reaches 128 to avoid bumping over. At what level should I allow it to retreat to before starting to jog again. I used 118 yesterday, is that a correct approach?

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      If HR spikes early and often, my recommendation is to schedule walk breaks early like jog 2 min, walk one min or whatever combo or ratio works. I like this approach to keep HR down vs reacting to the higher heart rates. This will all improve over time with patience and consistency.

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        when I first got back I was doing MAF, still am,


        jack daniels stated that when form starts to diminish....basically stop going that slow....so either speed up or stop....


        I think for the new off the couch MAF runner....you could push that 130....a bit....and then try to average 130 after the workout....or.....take more rest.....and then keep form speed good....and when you hit that 130-135.....stop an get more of a full recovery....


        that's kinda where my heads at currently, although I've started to speed up my 140bpm running rate.....


        so that first month or 2....you may consider longer rests if trying to maintain that 130 running pace is hurting your form/stride.... that's my 2 cents.


        I think after 2-3 months it really won't matter....and it may  be 6 one, half dozen the other....at this point.


        good luck!

        300m- 37 sec.

        Chris T

          Thanks for the responses!


          From all that I have read and listened to (including podcasts with Maffetone himself)  MAF is VERY heart rate specific. The formula max is the max. As someone who is prone to pushing things, where most runs can reach into anaerobic ranges, I want to follow the protocol as closely as possible.


          My question specifically is - when I reach my max during a run and need to walk to allow my HR to recover (lower) before resuming, how much should I allow it to drop?


            From what I've read about MAF over the years, try to stay in a 10-beat range.  So you can let HR drop as much as 10 beats below max.

            Chris T

              From what I've read about MAF over the years, try to stay in a 10-beat range.  So you can let HR drop as much as 10 beats below max.


              Thank you. That is exactly what I have been doing over the past week to 10 days since starting. Makes sense to me and is very doable.