Trying to figure out a good schedule (Read 459 times)

    I am training for  a Half Marathon, I am about 15 weeks out. Trying to run 4 days a week, incorporating long runs. I have done two full marathons so I am comfortable with the running schedule. I am incorporating swimming, core and some light upper body weights.



    I am having problem designing a schedule that balances all three. I guess me real question is , how much swimming , core and weights should I do per week without it being too much or too little and how to I fit that in to my 4 day a week running schedule. More interested in toning up rather than buffing and of course overall fitness level.


    I am thinking Core/Swimming on the same day with Running/Upper body on the same day two days a week.  Any ideas?

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      I'm a reluctant core guy.  Tried to incorporate some very mild core workouts into my schedule this season but ultimately failed.  I also couldn't find a good way to integrate them.  Spent so much time running (70mpw), that I was too pooped or too pressed for time to do another half-hour of exercises.  Gotta try harder at this, my back and abdomen could really use a little assistance on these long runs. 


      Maybe some of the Tri-guys can help with your run/swim brick plans.

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        I am the same way. I have battled PF and the physical therapist pretty much said my core strength stunk. So when I started training for a triathlon I did a lot of core and upper body. Now that I am just running know I need to do core. I think I have it worked out where I do 3-4 days of running + core, swim 2-3 days + upper body.