Recommendation for streaming watch or device? (Read 70 times)


    I am gearing up for the Chicago Marathon. Does anyone have a recommendation for a streaming watch or device so I can leave my phone behind?

      You want to take and make calls while running? Check stock market? Watch youtube videos?


      You need to be a bit more specific on what you need from the watch/device. If it's just a smartphone on your wrist, you can get a wrist sleeve that holds your phone in the place of a watch.

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        Garmin Forerunner 645 Music can connect to Deezer and iHeartRadio to download playlists for offline playback during your race.  I run with 645 Music all the time, periodically sync it to a playlist or two or three, and off I go.  You can also just load it up with MP3s you might own.  Works great for me -- tunes and no phone.  Some Bluetooth headphones work with this watch better than others, so that is something to be aware of.  I've had quite good luck with Skullcandy and Plantronics models.

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          I'm going to go tuneless for my marathon, but I though of pulling the old iPod nano out of the drawer, loading it up, and sticking in my back pocket. No bluetooth though.

            OH! Streaming music! Why didn't I realize that?! I was thinking data from/to cell towers.


            I like my wired MP3 player. I don't trust built-in rechargeable batteries. A single AAA battery lasts me dozens and dozens of hours.

            60-64 age group  -  University of Oregon alumni  -  Irreverent and Annoying