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      I've been using skechers for the last 4 years or so.  Started with the orginal GoRuns and have kept with them.


      My best value was a pair of GoRun Ride 3's that I bought for $27.57 including tax and shipping and currently have 645 miles on them for a cost of 4 cents per mile.


      Since Meb won Boston with them I can't seem to get them that cheap anymore though.

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      Mmmm Bop

        I just ordered a pair of GoRun Ultra 2s (not the UR2s) and looking forward to checking them out next week. 

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          I hope you got a good price! Those older one don't have any rubber on the outsole, and notoriously wore out really fast if used on pavement.

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          Mmmm Bop

            I hope you got a good price! Those older one don't have any rubber on the outsole, and notoriously wore out really fast if used on pavement.


            Yeah I read about that in some reviews, but no worries as I got them for £30!  I had a run in them this morning and they felt very comfortable and not that different to the 400s. But, the Hoka Clayton is probably my top shoe right now as it’s light enough for faster workouts, cushioned enough for longer runs, hard wearing and they don’t give me blisters!

            5k - 17:53 (4/19)   10k - 37:53 (11/18)   Half - 1:23:18 (4/19)   Full - 2:50:43 (4/19)

              The GoMeb Speed-5 will be released soon, they are a 5.6oz shoe with adequate cushioning and support for marathons.


              Yes, they weigh about as much as spikes.

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                I got introduced to a Skechers by a Skechers sponsored runner and was actually talked into buying a pair although I would never use Skechers casually. However, Skechers is now the only shoe I wear. I use GoRun and then I also use the Razors for intervals and racing. Amazing, comfortable, great fitting shoes. Go Skechers!


                  Hi surely bill


                  I am new member and about to buy first skechers.

                  I looking for the softest shoes for half marathon (not often full marathon).   My problem is the painful under of my foot , that why i look for softest shoes.   I tried my friends's go run ride5 which i really love it but the size is not fit me (9 too tight, 10 to loose).    So i went the shop and tried ride6 that perfect fit to me...but i feel 5 is softfer than 6.    Then shop has introduce go run ultra which i feel ok with them.    So may i get some advise from you.


                  My condition...

                  -i need softest by not care about performance.

                  -my foot is wide

                  -must be 9.5 size


                  As such...which model would you suggest ...please.

                    hi bbgugu!


                    everyone is different, but I really like the Ultra Road-2 over the GoRun-5. They are soft and really light. Durability isn't quite as good as some other brands, I have about 300 on mine right now and they look like only another 50-100 left in them. The GR-5 are OK, but not as much cushion as I'd like for a daily training shoe. I'll do up to 8 mile runs in them, but usually around 5-6.  I'd race in the GR5 up to a half marathon for sure, they are as light as most racing shoes and are much more comfortable (for me). But for putting in the miles, I really like my Ultra Road-2. I did a little over 12 miles in them today.


                    I've heard the GoRun Ride-7 is a good cushioned shoe, but I haven't tried them myself. I haven't run in any of the GoRun Ride series. The GoRun Ultra Road-1 is a very cushioned shoe, more than the Ultra Road-2. I don't know if you can find any of them anymore, but if you do they may be on super sale because they are discontinued. I put over 350 miles in mine, and still wear them for 4-5 mile recovery runs.


                    I've found the Skechers to be about a half size big, I usually wear a 10.5 but all my Skechers are size 10. The Ultra Road-2 is wide enough for me, and I think the upper can accommodate wide feet.

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                      FYI, I was searching www.nextag.com for "skechers men's go run 400 size 12" and found them in regular and wide widths for $29.98 each with free shipping with the purchase of two pairs, good through Feb. 8th. (Sorry, but I think only available in black & white in size 12 at that price). It's often worthwhile to search the Nextag site for other running shoes and merchandise as well.

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                        Got a pair of GoRun 5 for 41 Euros a few weeks ago. Just awesome! I am only afraid that the soles wont last until June.
                        Pity they only had them in purple I would love to have the black ones for wearing as everyday shoe... but hell, for my running gear I don't give a flying f*ck what colour they are, and the more flashy the more visible.

                        I think I could use them for a 100km ultra on the road. I was planning on getting a pair of Hokas for that, but these ones make me feel I could run for decades non-stop.

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                          enric, it's a scientific fact that black running shoes made of the same exact materials as light colored running shoes are twice as heavy 


                          Actually BUYING Skechers running shoes is problematic. They are not sold in running stores (at least around here), and the Skechers stores in the malls only seem to carry the "athliesure" level GoRuns, like the 400 and 600. I saw a pair of GoTrail displayed with the hiking boots once, though. The REAL running shoes, like the GoMeb series, GoRun, GoRun Ride, GoTrail Ultra and GoRun Ultra Road seem to only be available online, or sporadically in the Skechers Clearance stores. Or in clearance stores like Ross or Marshall's; a couple years ago they were flooded with GoMeb Speed shoes, selling them for $20.


                          I think if the Skechers shoes were available side-by-side with other running shoes at a running store, they would be a LOT more popular. People still dismiss them because they are...Skechers. But the Ultra Road-2 is everything the Hoka Clifton aspires to be, AND is wide enough for normal feet. The GoMeb shoes are as good or better racers than anything Nike puts out.

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                            SCORED a new pair of Ultra Road-2 at my local outlet for $35 today! I stop in once a week because it's on the way to my house. It pays off about once a month or so.


                            Update on Ultra Road-2:

                            309 documented running miles, the thin rubber outsole has started to wear through in a couple places, the upper is like new, the midsole feels good, I'll do a side by side comparison with the new ones and see if there's a noticeable difference. Like the Ultra Road-1, I think this is a 350 mile life shoe for me. I finally tossed my UR-1's so I wouldn't be tempted to wear them anymore; I think I got over 400 miles out of them, the last 50 only for short, slow runs.

                            60-64 age group  -  University of Oregon alumni  -  Irreverent and Annoying