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    Based strictly on Strava activity he is around the house. Probably busy with family stuff and holidays. I think he is the best shot at making the thread since he runs around 3AM PST. Bonus points in my book if he can get it started at 1/1/21 12:01am using whatever time it is RA uses.

    Many of us aren't sure what the hell point you are trying to make and no matter how we guess, it always seems to be something else. Which usually means a person is doing it on purpose.


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      Piwi- tomato sauce?  And not ketchup?  You Kiwis are an odd bunch.


      (in the mid-Atlantic area of the US, it's common for French Fries to be consumed with apple cider vinegar - it's a tradition)


      Both of these toppings horrify me.

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        Lots more to comment on, but I've just been busy with family stuff and haven't had access to a computer, but... New Thread is Up.

        Piwi - LOVE that picture. I both want to run there and am a little disappointed in the absence of sheep.

        Flavio - First of all, Oklahoma is not in The South. We're "South Adjacent". There's a difference!

        DWave - I trust my Stryd quite a bit on the treadmill and on actual land, but a sensor that literally measures the treadmill speed (NPE Run, or something like that) would be the gold standard.

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          Both of these toppings horrify me.


          I like mayonnaise and tomato sauce tbh.

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            Mayo is absolutely nasty on it's own, but I mix it with Sriracha to make a passable (read: really poor) spread for a Bahn Mi sandwich.  I don't know that I'd ever put it on fries, but the Canadiens could probably talk me into it if it's part of a poutine recipe.  I think the one thing I'll eat that totally grosses other people out is to make pancakes and top them with both sour cream and syrup. I've actually stopped doing that as there's nothing healthy about sour cream or syrup but it really is delicious.

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              Agreeing with CK - Oklahoma is NOT south.  It is mid-west, by my definition.


              Re: French fry toppings - apparently on the beaches of Delaware and Maryland it's quite contentious.  Thrashers is THE place to get your French fries, and they have a strict policy of only offering vinegar as a condiment.  Absolutely no ketchup.


              So a lot of patrons buy their fries from Thrashers, and then try to get ketchup from a neighboring establishment, none of which are happy to provide it.  Much angst ensues.  Thrasher's Fries no ketchup tradition sparks battle in Rehoboth (


              CK - thanks for starting the thread!  And yes, the NPE Runn is what I ordered.  The Stryd is good 9/10 times, and then the 10th time it is just OFF - I am wondering if I got a lemon.  I had two runs outside about 10 days ago - wore the Stryd both times in the same place on the same make and model of shoe (the only difference was that the first pair had about 650 miles, and the second pair was fresh out of the box).


              The first run it was accurate; the second run it was ridiculously off - claiming I was running a good 30 seconds faster than I was (as validated by manual splits at landmarks).

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                So I set my watch to Metric units just to get more regular feedback on my pacing and headed down to the lake because the city always plows that bike trail. It was chilly and windy and my warmup felt terrible; felt like I was forcing a sorta high cadence and I was just stiff. After 20 minutes I went  back to the car and changed into my flats, then did some strides + jogging and found that I finally had my turnover up a little bit and thought I could actually do this thing. I took a little more rest, used the bathroom and raced. I intentionally started at a pace that felt "slow" but naturally quickly became hard. The watch beeped KM 1 in 4:09 and I just focused on staying steady while dodging the ice patches and running the far side of the lake into the wind (4:11). KM 3 was the worst because the short portion of road on the east side of the lake was totally snow and ice covered and I just tried to take quick steps and get through it, I ran 4:04 and found my effort level had increased significantly. A friend was out there and he gave me a few cheers and chased me for a bit but I found km 4 was as rough as ever  especially when it turned into the wind (4:10). KM 5 was a bad combination of the end of the windy stretch, a short nice area then the slippery road again but I pushed and ran 4:04 for a final time of 20:39.


                I think I left a little out there due to the weather, a little due to the ice and snow but I'm super happy with being able to ease into and find 5km effort. I do think I pulled back a couple times when I should have leaned into things and just let the going get tough a little earlier in the race. but that's something to work on for next time. FWIW I've recorded a max HR of 188 this year and only hit 182 in this time trial so I probably have a bit more to give but also the 188 was with the watch and this was with a new Schose Rhythm chest strap which should be more accurate.

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                  Excellent job Zebano.


                  FWIW, I think the ice/snow must have slowed you down more than a little - that is not an optimal surface for fast running.  If nothing else, you have to hold back a little to be careful.

                  Everyone's gotta running blog; I'm the only one with a POOL-RUNNING blog.


                  And...if you want a running Instagram where all the pictures are of cats, I've got you covered.

                    Zebano well executed 5k TT nice pacing. This bodes well for sub 20 with 5k training and a nicer day in a race.


                    Mayonnaise is one of my vices. That and beer,....oh and chocolate 🍫 😋 and ice cream....and cream...and pork crackle and steak fat and chicken skin...

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                      lol Piwi, you're ability to eat everything is an inspiration! I can say no to the sweet stuff but beer and good fatty foods (RIBS, STEAK) are just too good. Salty foods like chips are an ever-present danger because I literally cannot eat just a single serving, I eat the whole bag.


                      Anyways thanks DW, Flavio and Piwi.


                      Also Keen beat me a second time at chess. This is simply unacceptable. I'm going to have to edit my 2021 goals to not lose to him. Wink

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                        Good job, Zebano, especially under those conditions.


                        My 2020 Recap:


                        I said at the start of this thread that my goals were to get to 45 mpw or so for a while and average 35 for the year, and that if I did that, my race times should improve.  I managed the mileage, with 15 weeks over 45 miles and a high of 51, and I’ll average 36+ for the year, a new high despite missing about six weeks.  When the virus cancelled races, I decided to see how I would do in a mile time trial and, considering my overall lack of speed, was pleased with a 5:37+ (with a faster friend & a pacer) on my second try.  After that I went back to base-building, moving to a non-path part of our park so I could avoid people and not have to wear a mask.  Tiptoe-running over roots and trying to miss holes in the grass gave me something to focus on while increasing volume, though I did fall twice.  


                        When local races started back up in waves of 25, I ran a slowish 5K in 19:54 in August and then added more speedwork to prepare for one of several possible fall halfs  The halfs all got cancelled, but it didn’t matter because I reinjured the upper hamstring that kept me out for 3+ months in 2018.  I also aggravated a hernia and had an unpleasant infection, but I couldn’t complain too much, as all this happened while my son had his appendix burst and then returned to the hospital later for a week with complications.  I did almost no running for about six weeks, but I did get in four good weeks of swimming and pool running, so I didn’t lose all my fitness, and I’m starting to build back some distance while the hamstring slowly heals.  


                        In addition to the higher mileage, at different times of the year I had my best time on my main VO2max workout and satisfying times on new workouts, and I think that before the injury I was getting in shape to go for a half PR.  Probably my best running-related memory of the year, though, was going to the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta in late February and seeing the country’s best elites and sub-elites battling a hilly course, cold temperatures, and winds so strong they blew over full water bottles, with thousands of spectators cheering them on.  That was an unforgettable experience, but on the whole, I’m rooting for less drama in 2021.

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                        2021 Goals:  Stay healthy, 40+ mpw, Half<1:30; PR or 80% age-grade at some distance


                          Thanks all. I just had my final run of the year totaling 2062 miles on RA or 2066 on Strava. I'm going to have to fix that discrepancy.  I'm excited for a new year, honestly the best part about this year is that I've been relatively healthy (for me), mostly in regards to illness. I lost


                          * 2 weeks to a foot injury

                          * 2.5 weeks to a knee injury

                          * 1.5 week to bronchitis


                          Other than that it was a pretty successful year. Mileage went up and down and I ran my first ultra. Recovery from that took about 3 months before I really felt normal and then the knee problem happened. The best thing that happened is I ran a ton of tempo efforts many of them offroad and I feel much stronger than I used to be, and better able to pace. The down side is that I don't feel like I have much leg speed right now but that's easily fixed with hill sprints and strides. I'd like to say I regret not breaking 20 in the 5k or not even attempting a half, but I really don't. I ran 3 really awesome trail races: Psycho Wyco 10mi, Schuetzen Nein Hour Endurance Run and The Mines of Spain 7 mile. I love trail racing and intend to continue. The most amazing thing is that my hamstring hasn't been a major factor, even in my recent 5k race which is the type of activity that usually triggers it.


                          I'll see you all in the 2021 thread.

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                            And there has been someone from Sydney Aus who flew to Wellington that has tested positive for Covid-19!


                            So depending on what happens with close contacts, potentially Wellington marathon will be delayed.  In a nutshell if the traveller has turned out to have infected others on his/her trip, Wellington will go up an alert level which stops large events.

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