What critters commonly share your running routes? (Read 930 times)

    Nice subject. I visited Canada from the UK for the first time last week. Stayed in Blue Mountain resort collingwood, went for a couple of trail runs. Running along the Georgian Trail about 6pm, overcast and damp saw a big black snake staring at me right in the middle of the trail, had two gold/yellow stripes down its length (rather than hoops) - anyone know what sort?


      I see the occasional coyote romping in a small open area on my normal running route.

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        And now for the second time in my life I've had the priveledge of running along with a swarm of honeybees. At first, a very disturbing experience. Seeing all the little guys buzzing around and the sound gradually growing in your ears is really rather disturbing. But then, when you realize they're just flying along and not angry at all it becomes rather surreal. The first time it happened to me I actually merged with their path. When I realized they weren't swarming wasps I just kept running - figuring hey, I'm in the middle of them and nothing's happening. May as well keep going. At one point I could see them going at almost my exact speed down the trail, the buzz all around. I watched a few of them just to my left, less than an arms length away for about 10 yards. It was like time was frozen... and then they drifted on up the hill. I'll gladly run with honeybees again... Wasps?! NO THANKS! I've already had too much fun with them.

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          Honeybees or not, that would scare the crap out of me!!!
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            I came across not one but two skunks last night on my route. Needless to say I went wide - really wide around them and slowed down as not to add any stress to their lives at that particular time. It slowed my time down but it could have been alot worse if I had to stop at the local grocery store and pick up a few hundred gallons of tomato juice to soak in after I got home. yyz