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    I charged up the Solio before hitting the trail.  A few days in, I plugged it into my blackberry.  The first big problem that I had was that the connection was really wobbly.  It just didn't fit in securly using the mini-USB adapter.  I had to keep moving it all around, and I was pretty sure it wouldn't work, but finally got a connection.  This just made it feel cheap. 


    There is a button you can push that lets you know the charge.  It will blink 0-5 times.  After spending the day with the Solio attached to my pack, and letting it sit in the sun as much as possible, I got it up to two blinks.  I think it would have to spend a really long time in the sun to do a little bit of charging.  I am glad I brought a back-up battery.


    And why would you need a charge?  I use my phone as a camera.  Plus, while there is no signal for the first 500 miles, (and I heard you can't get a signal on the trail in Maine), the AT ends up going through a narrow protected area with development on both sides for a long stretch.  I like being able to check in with my father to reassure him that I have avoided being decapitated, and I know other hikers that like to call for shuttles to be able to get into far off resupply towns (although the locals are used to seeing and picking up stinky hitchhikers).


    And now two gratuitous photos from the trail.  Sometimes the trail is easy, sometimes it is hard.


    Rhododendron and flame azaleas


    Dragons Tooth

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      Thanks for the review and the pics!

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         (and I heard you can't get a signal on the trail in Maine)


        No cell signal is not an AT thing in Maine (other than 100 mile wilderness). Probably better signal on top of Katahdin than in my office.

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