Best alternative to running? (Read 1701 times)


    But, in the context of the question... "Being a single female, I don't feel safe running in the dark in the morning alone. But since I have such a limited time for training..."
    ...but that's not a question. Smile The question was:
    In your opinion, what's the best cross-training available?
    It's only for two mornings a week, until an earlier sunrise. It'll help bomb proof the lower legs, as well.
    90 percent of the game is not giving up.

    I'm the tall one.

      Like you, I would rather walk on broken glass than run on a treadmill. But I checked out some audio books from my local library and that really did the trick. The first one I tried was David Sedaris "Me Talk Pretty One Day". I almost went flying off the back of the treadmill I was laughing so hard. But 6 miles went by in no time at all! Some of the audio books are cassette tapes, but I just went to Walmart and bought a portable player for about 5 bucks. Works great. I've run some ultras and I know you just need to get the miles in some way or other. Good Luck!!!