Polar RXC5 - .HRM file import troubles (Read 1188 times)

    Hi Eric,


    Normally, I'm a faithful Garmin user, but just won a Polar RXC5 watch Big grin and I'm trying it out.  I've tried several times to import an .HRM file from a run in the last couple of days, but have had no success.


    I get this error every time:



    This file cannot be imported. Possible reasons are: Your data file is not in the correct format. The file is in a new format. There is a bug in the importer code. If you are certain that the file has no errors, please contact me for assistance.



    Not life or death, but I thought I'd let you know in case it really is a bug with RA.

    Steve J

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      The most likely cause is the GPX produced by Polar is not 100% standards compliant.  Could you send me a file so I can see what went wrong?


      eric Smile


        The RCX5 splits each session into two files; a hrm with pulsedata and a gpx with trackingdata (if GPS pod is used). It would be nice if runningahead somehow could handle this. I can send you some example files when I'm back on my mac. - Henrik


          I believe RA can import GPX.  If you zip up all the relevant files and import the file as Polar ProTrainer, it real import it properly.