How would you describe your eating habits and what's your guilty pleasure (food or drink)? (Read 1274 times)


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    I just eat whatever I want, but in moderation, I let my body tell me what it wants and when. On the plus side it seems to work, if I eat a bunch of crappy food, I feel crappy, if I eat some yummy fruit and veggies with a small piece of chicken I feel great. I normally feel great!

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      I am about 90% Paleo.  I tend to veer off Paleo by eating way too much fruit, way too much homemade almond butter, and way way too much coconut ice cream.  I eat sweet potatoes too.  I drink red wine and love it.    I am very liberal Paleo gal.  But it works for me and my running.  I Have eliminated white table sugar.  I am gluten, grain, and dairy free.  Since eliminatin gluten  from my diet my running has greatly improved.   I do occasionaly cheat and have a beer and wheat sugar overloaded dessert if I PR a race.  But honestly I get so sick after I am backing away from thinking I "deserve" it.  Joking

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        My eating habits suck.  Terrible.  My guilty pleasure is beer.


          My eating habits suck.  Terrible.  My guilty pleasure is beer.


          Mine too. And chips.

            Except for one bad bump, I am OFF THE SODA.


            I wish I could say that I'm loving life but, well, not yet.


            And I gave up most crap for fruit.


            I wish I could say that I'm loving life, but, well, not yet.


            I used to answer this question with "Hostess Lemon Pies".




            I guess I'm stuck with pizza now, like Dean.


              The thing is, I didn't even like beer until maybe 3-4 years ago. Now I love it. Love. It.


                I'm a Vegetarian but otherwise I'm on a variation of the see food diet.  Instead of I see food I eat it, I see food I decided if I want to eat it.

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                Man its Hot Here

                  Id describe my eating habits as LAZY.


                  I cook for one so tend to fall back on anything that can be done in one pot. Thus I eat waaaay too much pasta.


                  I also have the biggest sweet tooth, so there an row at the supermarket I try and avoid but to be honest ot never works


                    I eat what I want, in moderation. There are no guilty pleasures, because food isn't associated with feelings for me. It is about eating to curb hunger, so that is what I do.


                    Balance in life is key.


                    Breakfast is almost always oatmeal and coffee, lunch is whatever....dinner is the same. Just depends on what the family wants to eat for dinner really.


                    We have 'desserts' here, because I don't think it is good for my kids to start out thinking of some foods as "good" versus "bad". They are just food. Granted, they don't get desserts for meals, but I think creating that idea of deprivation in children can backfire quickly. Teaching them how to eat a variety of all foods is best, in my opinion.



                    Full disclosure: I have not ever had a big struggle with weight. My family has, so I can respect the need for people to diet, although I don't think it works long term. Increase in activity combined with portion controlled eating of all foods is what we practice here at home.

                      My guilty pleasure is sitting down to watch the biggest loser with a huge bowl of Ice Cream.


                        My guilty pleasures are probably:


                        Seafood (especially shrimp cocktail and Fisherman's platters)

                        Egg-white omelette w/soy cheese (veggie lovers)



                        They're my "guilty pleasures" because otherwise, I'm totally vegan.


                        And when Steph and I go to a bar, I'll have a martini.


                          I count calories--strictly 1400 calories per day, 5 days a week.  The other two days I loosen up (but don't pig out).  I only eat meat a couple times a week and try to avoid fat.  I get a lot of my protein from skim milk, nonfat yogurt and beans.  My guilty pleasure, though, is cheesecake.  My significant other makes them and they are so good.  I tell myself they are a good source of protein!  So far so good as I have lost almost 10 pounds in the last 2 months.  Smile



                            I'm working on cleaning up my diet, but cookies and ice cream are my guilty pleasures.  I don't eat dairy so I get the nondairy kind, which tends to be lower in calories, or i bake my own.  I'm mostly vegan but occasionally eat seafood.

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                              My eating habits suck.  Terrible.  My guilty pleasure is beer.


                              Drinking beer is nothing to feel guilty about, unless you are drinking crappy beer.


                              My guilty pleasure is gelato, when it's available, which fortunately is not often.



                              rather be sprinting

                                My eating habits have been restrictive in the past [cutting out carbs and stuff, which really doesn't work so well for runners].  Now I eat pretty healthy, balanced meals--heavy on the green vegetables and also with perhaps more red meat than some as I'm anemic (it's genetic) and crave it constantly.  I have to eat low-fat and smaller, more frequent meals due to a stomach condition and I also have to avoid very acidic foods.


                                My guilty pleasure is chocolate-chip pancakes, because I invented them.  Seriously, I went to this diner with my dad when I was four and asked for chocolate-chip pancakes and the owner, who had never heard of them before, made me some.  I've probably had then, oh, once a year since then--but they're always worth it!


                                I should note that they're probably better to have post-run.  I once ran on a stomach full of chocolate-chip pancakes and man I felt nauseated and had a huge sugar crash.

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