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      They sent me the wrong size shoes, argued that I ordered a size that I haven't fit into since I was ten years old (shut up, L-T) and made me pay to return them.  Never again.


      I love runningwarehouse.

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        I've bought several pairs of shoes from them and maybe a few other sundry items (maybe socks) over the years.  They've never screwed up my order or anything like that, but I find that runningwarehouse seems to generally have better prices (and you can often dig up a promo code for them, which I have not been able to do for Holabird).  The only time I buy anything from Holabird now is if they happen to have a model on clearance that I can't get for equal or cheaper on runningwarehouse.

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          I gave up on roadrunnersports after 8 years (and lots of shenanigans I won't go into because this is supposed to be about holabird) because runningwarehouse is easy peasy about everything and has great prices I can't find anywhere. Including holabird.


          And before someone says "Isn't runningwarehouse owned by roadrunnersports?"  No.  rrs (used to? may still?) have an outlet called Kelly's Running Warehouse.  Different thing.



            I also avoid Eastbay - They have screwed up my width 3/5 times for a 60% error rate.

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              I've always had good luck with Holabird.  I still use them for heavily discounted shoes if they have them but most of my shoes now come from runningwarehouse.

                I've bought running shoes (mostly reduced-price prior year models) from holabirdsports  at least a dozen times and have never had a problem.


                I buy from  runningwarehouse, too.


                (Years ago, I bought tons from RRS, but very seldom now.)



                  I've ordered from Holabird for years--never a problem.
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                    They sent me the wrong size shoes.


                    You are a funny girl today. 



                      You are a funny girl today. 

                       She SAID shut up L-T!!  Big grin


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                        Yes, Runningwarehouse.  They are very, very good!



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                          I, too, am a huge fan of Holabird.  I've ordered 10-15 pairs of shoes from them over the years and never had a problem.  In fact, they have always arrived two days after my order without any extra charge (MD to NC).


                            I recently received my New Balance 890 model for $45.00, can't beat that with a stick!





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                              I purchase five to six pairs of shoes from them each year.  Always prompt ship, received in good order, never a substitution error with product or size.  They have saved me a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


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                                I know buying online can save substantial money, but I am still skittish about buying any shoes I'm going to run in without trying them on in a brick and mortar store. Obviously not knocking anybody who does, just doesn't work so well for me. (Although must also admit, I've done so a couple of times with good results from the Warehouse.)