Training for a baby ultra (50K), which is better one long run or back to back? (Read 385 times)

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    Excellent report and congrats to the wife! Glad you made it without re-injuring that collarbone. I can relate to your trips and falls on trails, because like me, I'm thinking you might not pick your feet up off the ground very much or focus enough - in my case, it's probably both issues.


    I don't do ultras yet, but I just started doing technical trails again two weeks ago and from past experience, I usually keep track of my "trips and falls". On this short 6 mile trail run last week and today, I had 4 big trips (I don't count the little ones or I would have twice as many) but zero falls each time - a record I'm proud of, but which I know will involve some falls soon enough - especially when I'm looking somewhere else and not at the trail in front of me. So for a technical trail, don't feel bad at all.


    And, there are a few technical trails here in N. Fla. My tech. trail has mostly uneven ground, shorter but very steep inclines and declines in and out of shaded ravines with hundred of roots at all angles crossing the trail, some twisting turns, and in a few places the trail runs not near the edge but on the edge of some of the deeper ravines. A misstep here could give you a serious tumble, so good trail shoes are a must. The "fun" part early this am was yellow flies and high humidity (the temp. reached 95 here by mid afternoon today).


    Enjoy the challenge!

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      I am sooo glad you didn't re-break your collarbone!  Don't worry about the DNF. I think it was very smart given the type of trail.  What in the hell were you doing out there anyway!!   There are plenty more trail races to run when you are healed up.


      I've fallen a number of times myself on trails and not all of them were "technical".  LOL.  Once I fell whilst running uphill on some steep rocky terrain, leaping up in the air and lacerating my knee as I came down at just the right angle on the rocks.  12 stiches and an ugly scar later, I still run on that trail.  It happens and is to be expected especially if you are tired or distracted.

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        I'm contemplating running a 50K race on September 6th in Erick, Oklahoma.  The do-wacka-do trail run.  Just saw it posted on Facebook on our local running club page and I actually don't have a conflict on that date.  It seems far from technical trail wise (more like dirt roads), but may be a challenge due to elevation and temperatures.


        I haven't been training for a 50K, I've been doing shorter stuff training to run a 10K fast, but I'm really tempted to try it. Will probably end up having to do some walking, but I would get the monkey off my back after the DNF back in May.


        Going to try an 18 miler in the morning and see how it goes. If I'm struggling on it then I'll probably skip the 50K, if I finish it without any issues, I might just sign up.

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          My 18 miler went well this morning.  First 16 was pretty easy, last couple took a little effort, but not terrible.


          Really leaning toward just doing the 50K in 2 weeks even though I'm not really ready for it.  Gives me a lot of excuses if I perform poorly! 

          Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

          Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)


            Nathan, you're a nut.

            I guess having your excuses lined up is helpful though!  Just stay upright this time!