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    Does anyone here ever feel nauseous off and on for a few hours after a long run? It doesn't happen every time but usually runs of 8+ miles (even at an easy pace) will make me feel nauseous for a few hours after I'm done. I've tried all kinds of things to prevent it; different foods before and after, medicine for upset stomachs, drinking more fluids before and during a run, etc. I read recently that ginger root can calm an upset stomach but that's one thing I haven't tried yet. I also use a heart rate monitor for every run and I carefully monitor the rate while I run. Please help! This has been going on for several years and I'm afraid that eventually I'll to lose my motivation to go on long runs!
      I've had it happen a few times after races, not long runs. My best guess is it has something to do with electrolytes... Confused

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        Oh yeah, been known to hurl or heave at the end of a race...not a pretty site. I realized it's cured by keeping sips of Gatorade going during the race, don't know if it's the electrolytes or the sugar, but whatever, it's saved me!!!
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          I have been nauseous after runs. Nausea feelings are something I hope to avoid this weekend.


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            I have heard good things about ginger root as well, but mostly for longer runs (ultras). I don't think it could hurt. I have also used Tums for immediate relief (also in ultras) and papaya enzymes for a happier stomach with some success. Good luck, I think the key is trying different things to nail it down...don't give up! Lynn B

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              I once felt so sick after a long run --- like hangover sick. Dead It was awful. I had two slices of pizza and a beer and felt so much better ... I REALLY needed the salt. Are you getting enough salt?
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                Thanks for the responses everyone. It may be that I'm not getting enough salt during my runs-- I drank plenty of Gatorade during my last long run and I felt great afterwards. I'm going to stick with that method and see if it continues to work for me! It also may have something to do with taking ibuprofen before running; I didn't take any before my last couple of long runs and that seemed to help as well.

                  10 or so years ago When I used to half marathons much much faster than I do now I used to get nauseous and often sick afterwards and put it down to a dehydration, I never drank a drop in the race, because I had never practised drinking in a race and secondly I thought it would slow me down. Last year I trained for the Athens Classic Marathon and during the training was nauseous and sick on most runs over 10 miles, ( in fact had Inot been doing it for charity I would not have continued and probably hung on my runners for good!). This happened even when I drank at least a pint of water on any run I did. So I thought it can't be dehydration or if it was then just how much do you have to drink?! I did a search on Google and found all kinds of information on the issue and in a nut shell the answer seems to be that it doesn't matter how much you drink if the fluid is not emptying from you stomach into your intestine you will not stay hydrated. A number of factors affect the rate of gastric emptying but one is a lack of sodium which is lost through sweat and which of cousre Water doesn't really contain. I'm still in the process of experimenting but my last run, a hard 10 miles I had a slight headache after about 2 hours of getting back but no nausea or sickness and was able to eat! The answer for me seem to be an electrolyre tab with about a pint of water half an hour to 20 mins before a run, then about 1/4 pint of 'SIS Go' eletrolyte drink on the run then another 1/4 pint when I get home in sips then water again sipping. I know other peopel advocate a teaspoon of salt at the end of a run but I'm not sure I could take that. A good article can be found at http://www.pponline.co.uk/encyc/0824.htm Don't give up, I think it is just a question of getting your fluid intake right. Good luck