Knee pain.....HELP!...please. (Read 840 times)

    Hi Ladies & Gents


    Thought some of you clever people might be able to come up with some ideas for what's up with my knee.


    I should say I have been to the doc's & been refered to physio (i am on physio number 2), that was Novmber last year. My knee is pretty much as it was, I am still seeing physio but he seems at a loss for what to do.


    So here goes;

    1. I have pain in the rear of my right knee in the region of the biceps femoris tendon.
    2. The pain is uncomfortable most of the time but does come and go during the day.  It is least painful first thing in the morning but comes on within 10-15 mins.
    3. I have had the pain on and off for the last few years (time flies), it is not so severe that I cannot run and and neoprene type support whilst running seems to control it a bit. I was running pretty regularly through most of last year with the injury/pain at a manageable level. just decided towards the end of the year to try to get it sorted...failed on that one so far!
    4. The biceps femoris tendon is not particularly painful to touch but is painful if touched/massaged with enough force (aren't most things?)
    5. My right hamstrings feel pretty tight and a bit strained most of the time. They feel hyper fragile.
    6. My right achilles is also a little tender.
    7. My right leg is 1/2 inch shorter than the left.
    8. I have been using orthotics for the last 6 weeks with no effect.
    9. Physio number (Private) one diagnosed a tight ITB causing biceps femoris tendonitis. She put me on a course of ITB & glute strenthening & stretches, along with ultrasound on the ITB & then bicep femoris tendon. This had little/no effect.
    10. I haven't run for the last seven months.
    11. Current physio (NHS) suspects some nerve snagging/shortening. So I am doing some stretches to try to correct this, though I am not convinced. He has suggested that running should help this (bonus!). He has considered an MRI scan but does not think it will show anything.
    12. All the knee pain tests the physio has tried e.g. pulling, pushing & twisting do not elicit any pain.
    13. A tubigrip tends to reduce the pain level (perhaps just in my head though???)
    14. I rock climb which can put some unusual strains on the legs, hamstrings & knee etc.
    15. I am neutral from a gait point of view. I have new running shoes.
    16. I have a desk job.

    What do you think am I doomed....doomed?


    Seriously any ideas by way of diagnosis or other stuff to ask the physio or suggestions are all gratefully received. It is most depressing having to more forwards at the pace of a geriatric slug.


    Thanks & regards



    The Runner Life

      Have you ever been fitted for proper shoes?  Sometimes shoe types that don't fit your stride can throw your legs out of whack.  Also, I'd recommend checking out a foam roller to try to loosen up your legs.  Muscle tightness can do strange things as well.



        Thanks for the reply. I got my shoes from the local specialised running shop, I took there advice based on my gait & surfaces I'd be running on. Perhaps that does not mean they were fitted??


        Yeah I got a foam roller recently, I have not tried yet but I will definitely give it a go.


        Thanks again!


          Are these your physios?


          I would definitely work on rolling and stretching to loosen things up. I haven't used a foam roller but do have the Stick and it has worked wonders on my calves. Most of my injuries have been caused by tightness and pushing too hard. Good luck with the recovery.


            Yes, wish you all the good luck for your recovery!

              Thanks everyone.


              David, you have met my physios? I will have a good go with the foam rollers.


              Jennifer, thanks for the best wishes!


                Hi Mike,


                it seems that I have a very similar problem to yours. What seems to be an inflammation of the tendon of the biceps femoris by the side of the knees.  But I have had it  for years now... I have seen few docs and physios but it is not getting any better to the point now that I have pretty much abandoned the idea  of running again.... I do cycle and swim and do not feel any pain. I can also walk without problem, although I feel the pain when walking downhill during long walks in the mountains.


                Did you get rid of the pain and how?


                Thanks for your help



                  Hi Seb


                  Sorry to hear you are having knee problems.


                  Alas I am not fixed yet. I had am MRI scan the other week and I am due to see a consultant to go through the results later in Jan.  My year started with private physio working on my itb and biceps femoris tendon with minimal effect. I have since moved onto the NHS where they considered nerve related issues but thought it was probably tendinosis. So I did a few  months of eccentric exercises again not much effect. Since then I have gradually escalated through the NHS process to where I am now. The last time I spoke to the consultant he was contemplating that it might be a meniscus tear.


                  I have not been doing much with it but it has certainly improved to the point that unless I am thinking about it there is no discomfort. Though I am pretty sure that if i tried running it would flare  up.


                  Like you walking does not cause pain. I think it is the repetitive flexing and extending that causes me problems so cycling and running are off the cards.


                  I have decided that I need to follow the medical stuff as far I can take it. Hopefully it will all work out but if it does not then at least I have tried my best.


                  I hope this helps and you get yourself sorted.





                  Hill Slug

                    This really sucks.


                    I've been dealing with something similar more or less the past 20 years or more.


                    My phantom pain.  My spine and knee MRI's come back clean.  I also had a nerve conduction study that was normal.  Based on the amount of swelling behind my knee, the doctor thought it was a Baker's Cyst, but that wasn't the case.  My diagnosis was tendonitis in hamstring (biceps) and calf muscle (gastroc.).  I think the doc put that diagnosis down so I had a valid reason for PT.     Usually it's just an achiness in my leg (woke you up at night type of ache).  However, when I raced in the past, my leg would quit working during a race, leaving me in severe pain hobbling down the road, only to start working again several miles later.   Even in my PR marathon  back in the day(2:49), I had several miles where I couldn't run properly and was thinking of dropping out (roughly miles 3 - 6).


                    Sorry, I don't have any clear answers for you.   This side of my body does have issues.  Big toe arthritis, severe overpronation, past Achilles Tendonitis, etc.  LOL, I also have hideously large calf muscles, not sure if that contributes to this.


                    I hope you find some answers and relief!



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