Jumping Rope (Read 891 times)


    Any benefit to a runner to jump rope once or twice a week ? If so how much or how long ?

      Totally beneficial. Good cardio workout and if you can pull off the double dutch you'll be the first picked for red rover teams.


        Jumping rope is an excellent way to build calf strength and endurance, especially if your a flatlander without hills to run. Start slow or you will pay for it the next day. Smile

          Doesn't take place of running but a nice complimentary cross training activity that provides a plyometric component. 5-10 min of hard rope will be fine if working it good. Certainly, you can go longer when good at it. A lot of stuff to do. Be productive. Run in place, high knees, side to side etc while jumping.... You can break it into one min sets or just go easy for min or two between hard sets. The calves take a pounding so build gradually.

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            Helpful - thanks - will maybe try and do it once a week for a while and see what happens.

              I noticed my legs look more toned when I jump rope. 


              It's hard to do. I usually do about 4 or 5 sets that last about a minute each.   I do this in between sets up weights or whatever. 


              I have no idea how much you're supposed to do.

              - Anya

                This is something that I am thinking of adding into my circuits because I think  it is a good all round exercise, as someone has already stated there is a plyometric element ot this exercise and it can definately get the Heart Rate up. Do it as a supplement your running and not in place of it.