From Knee to Butt?" (Read 762 times)


    I posted about having what I assumed was runner's knee...that's finally in the last stage (i hope) of recovery, BUTT, and I mean my BUTT, has been giving me paid right in the center on the same (right) side as my knee trouble...I had piriformis in the past on my left side, dosen't seem to be the same feeling, but who knows?"...and help will be appreciated.


    Specific's: started hurting on the 4th of july, I ran through, (no speed or hills) thought It went away, then it showed up again after a semi light race I ran, and it mainly hurts when I start running, don't feel it when walking...


      Is the pain that you describe in the "center" in the back of your butt, or the side of your butt?


        it seems like the center, I did feel pain towards the hip also saturday in a 1.5 mile race...i felt it tonight in my jeep driving home but not @ work on a better chair...also feel a slight sharp pain on the outside of my right knee when driving?"


          If you felt it while driving, then I'd say it's a strain at the hamstring origin.  It is literally a pain in the butt.  I had it for a while; kept running; ended up with a torn hamstring and needed autologous blood injections over 6 weeks and NO RUNNING.  Once chronic, it is awful to heal.


          If I am right, then I'd say immediately stay away from stretching as this can irritate the hamstring.  This goes against intuition and the injury itself, which makes you feel as though if you could just stretch it out, you'd be fine.


          Further, as it is on the same side as a recent injury, then I'd suggest that either you need to work on core strength (look esp at glute med) or perhaps with the injury, you've compensated in some way that has meant the hamstring took too much load and is now complaining.   Hopefully the latter, as this would indicate an acute problem that should be fixed if dealt with right away.


          Good luck.