Invite Potential Running Ahead Users... (Read 667 times)

    It would be great if there was a way to, from the website, invite several of our friends to join Running Ahead and even an existing running group. I think that people are more inclined to join a site if they don't have to do a lot of work (sad, but true). This would be a great feature and would probably increase traffic to your site! Smile That said, I'm about to invite 5 plus non-RAers.
      Nate, I thought about this a while back and I think it's a good idea. I haven't done it yet because I feel it would work better if I implement a messaging system first. But, this is definitely something I will get to. eric Smile
        Cool. Thanks for checking that out. Maybe an IRC room would be cool for us to hang out in and chat in real time. I've always wanted to have something like that, so that I could discuss runs with others and get feedback. We could PM each other in an IRC chat. Thanks for all you do.