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    Love my Tifosi. So lightweight and comfortable that I forget I have them on.


    +1, I have been using these the past 2 years as well.  Cheaper than Nike or Oakley but more than the Ironman's seen here.

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      Another vote for Tifosi, here.  I have the Slip, I bought them a couple of years ago and yesterday idiotically left them in my backpack since I thought my race would be sunnier than it actually was... the smoke lens got scratched.  I love them so much that I ordered replacement lenses.

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        I might be the lone dissenter when it comes to Tifosi.  I've had a few pair and found them to be overly fragile for the price.  For about the same price I have had MUCH better luck with Optic Nerve and they have a MUCH wider photochromic range.

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          Hmmm not bad.  May have to check at target.  Thanks.


          Tifosi glasses look nice, especially the jet wraps, but I've heard they run rather small.



          Hilarious, I have the very same ones from Target.  When my pair got damaged I found that Walgreens sells them online also and bought two pairs (they were on sale at $10ea then).  http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/foster-grant-iron-man-plastic-sunglasses-triumph/ID=prod6019377-product

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            Another Tifosi wearer here, I am not a glasses keeper in general, usually losing them, scratching breaking etc.  And that is the primary reason for not going with Oakley, dropping around $200 on a pair that I might lose just does not compute with me. (though the Oakley do feel very nice)


            In running I can not stand extra 'stuff' bouncing around my face and I was very concerned, however I find the Tifosi Slip to be perfect. Enough cash that I will pay attention to them (ie not chunk them around) but well under $100.

              +1 for Tifosi. Great sunglasses and you can usually find pretty good deals on eBay.


              Yes.  I found a pair a few years ago for $40.  I have the lenses that darken with light.  It allows me to run with them on in the early morning when it's still dark.  This is great for the summer when I usually run in areas with a bunch of bugs flying around.  I use to get these bugs in my eyes until I found these glasses.