Skinny Guy Problems (Read 144 times)


    Hi Everyone,


    Noob here. I've been looking for men's running tops for skinny guys such as myself. I'm 5'10 150lbs and most of my running gear, shirts and singlets, have never fit well. I have noticed that men's running tops get wider as the sizes get larger but they do not increase much in length. I prefer the fit of a small but they end up being too short and have been searching for the right top to no avail.


    Any runners out there that have found thin and long running tops?


      Run shirtless thats what i do. Regardless of the temperature and weather conditions, its 1 inch split shorts and no shirt for me. It makes you feel faster, like a real distance runner. Worst case if you really need a shirt get a singlet, i wear Nike to compete in. You might nip a little, but oh well.


        Champion singlets.


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          you are not that skinny for a runner

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            you are not that skinny for a runner




            Look into Asics shirts. They are usually pretty long and slim.

            The question is not "should I run today" but "how do I dress"?