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    This falls under a brag because I had to figure out a route (on the Thorn Tree South Africa forum) and then a way to make the run happen. Our hotel is too far from the shorefront to walk, so the front desk called a taxi company for me. That would be no big deal in the US, but Africa is a different place - you don't know who you'll get. A great guy named Peter picked me up and knew just the right place to drop me off. That was at 7:15 am, so I asked him to get me at the same spot at 9:30 am. He wrote a note to himself that said, "Runner, 9:30," and asked if he should put "Olympic" in front of "runner." I said, no, but maybe for my son one day! The paved path ran right along the water - if I looked down over the railing, there was water. Beautiful mountains jutting out behind me. Huge, white waves crashing into the turquoise ocean. I've read that Cape Town is one of the prettiest places in the world, and I believe it. There were many walkers and runners, so I felt very safe. I ran past the concrete stadium that is under construction for the 2010 Soccer World Cup. South Africans are very proud that they will be hosting the event, and are building stadiums all over the place. There is also some concern that they won't be ready in a year and a half. They are tearing up almost all the roads in downtown Johannesburg (where we were two days ago). A big project! I was looking forward to taking photos of my run, but my camera battery died! I've decided I hate digital cameras. I think I will buy a film one! We mentioned the term, "roll of film" in front of DD10 yesterday, and she quite seriously asked, "What is that?" I ran 5 miles (hooray, the Garmin worked great), and then turned around. It started getting a little warm, but I made it OK. Peter was back just when he said he would be. My dad ended up hiring him this afternoon to drive us around, and we're going to use him again tomorrow. It sounds hard to believe, but finding a competent person here is no small feat! Tuesday morning I'm hoping to take DD with me on a shorter run. Last Saturday, during our two-day London layover, she ran 4.3 miles with me in Hyde Park. She's a real trooper! We couldn't run in Kruger National Park this past week, because you can't run outside the fenced camps (we saw a total of 18 lions during our daily drives), and you're not supposed to run in the camps, either. I will have to make up some mileage when I get home this week. That's my story! Thank goodness for running. I never would have tried an adventure like this on my own, otherwise.
      Teresa, that sounds amazing! Good for you for running on your trip -- isn't it a great way to have an experience that's so different from "ordinary" tourism? The National Park sounds great. Are you not allowed to run in the camps because it zaps some sort of predator/prey neuron in the animals? I can see sense in avoiding that. Wink Or are the camps just too small? I saw I was gaining on you in the race to 1000, but I'm sure you'll catch up again. Hope the rest of your trip is as enjoyable.


        Glad you ran Hyde Park, I work in London regularly its a pity I was'nt around. Was therE any difference in the weather in England compared to SA!

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          Nice to hear that you are having a good trip, Teresa. And you got to run some, too. Nice. Have a safe trip home.


            Exciting to hear from you, Teresa! Glad your trip is going so well, some of those beaches are just beautiful with the mountains in the background. Hope you get the camera problems sorted, I look forward to some pics when you get back. Simon.

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              that is so cool teresa!! glad you got in a safe run!!