2018 Sub-3. No rules. Run. (Read 789 times)


    Well today's 1/2 got cancelled due to another dump of snow and baltic temperatures. Kind of annoying but the right call I think. It did mean that I ended up with 2 long runs this week and highest mileage ever.


    Weekly Summary
    Monday, Mar 12, 2018 thru Sunday, Mar 18, 2018

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    Day Miles Pace Description Link
    Mon 7.4 7:54 Coffee mug strava
    Mon 4.8 8:19 Rattling coffee mug strava
    Tue 14.1 7:19 Five Ks strava
    Wed 7.5 8:09 Log spotting strava
    Wed 3.9 8:54 Milked strava
    Thu 20.2 7:26 Easy with little pick ups on the mile strava
    Fri 4.9 8:26 Digging out these ugly boys strava
    Fri 3.4 9:04 Sleepy time strava
    Sun 18.2 7:10 Alloa cancelled- snowy garscube long run strava
      84.4 7:42    

    Upcoming; 14th Sep Scottish veterans XC trials, 289th Sep Great Scottish Run 1/2, 12th October TAMA half marathon, 27th October Leeds Abbey dash 10k

      Finbad: Great job on the record mileage week. Two long runs in one week is no joke.


      Marky: Congrats again on the half PR this weekend; that time is just sick and even more so given you did it on a very hilly course.


      I was happy with how this week went. I finally felt like I had my normal energy level for the first time in a while. 4 weeks till my marathon. I'm hoping the frigid and windy weather we've been having here will finally give way to warmer spring temps soon.


      Weekly Summary
      Monday, Mar 12, 2018 thru Sunday, Mar 18, 2018

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      Day Miles Pace Description Egain Link
      Tue 8.2 8:12 Morning Run 458 strava
      Wed 11.5 6:57 TM: 5 x 1 mi @ 5:56 with 0.25 mi recovery jog 0 strava
      Thu 8.3 8:23 Morning Run 457 strava
      Fri 15.4 8:02 MLR with hills 1404 strava
      Sat 7.8 8:51 Easy trail run in Sega Park 594 strava
      Sun 20.0 7:25 Long run: 14 easy, 4 @ 6:25, 2 easy 885 strava
        71.2 7:51   3798  

      5K: 17:55 (2017)    HM: 1:23:57 (2016)    FM: 2:52:16 (2018)

      Up next: Hartford Marathon (Oct. 12)


        Fin: congrats on the new mileage PR Smile  Two solid LR's in there as well!


        JT:  Killer workout on Tuesday and a very solid week overall.  LR pace looked quite solid.  Looks like one more storm for the NE and hope that will be the last for a while!


        Last really big mileage week for a while (at least until next fall if I had to guess) and now it's time for a vacation Smile  Leave for Italy tomorrow night on an overnight flight (hoping to be able to sleep some) so no big runs after tomorrow morning for a couple of weeks.  Think the relative rest period will do my body good since I have been going pretty hard for a good 5-6 months or so.   Had a couple decent quality sessions especially with the 10 at about 6:15 pace for miles 8-18 in my 20 mile LR yesterday.  Still should be able to get in some daily runs in order to maintain freshness starting about Friday though ...

        Weekly Summary
        Monday, Mar 12, 2018 thru Sunday, Mar 18, 2018

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        Day Miles Pace Description Link
        Mon 11.2 7:48 Yet another windy day strava
        Mon 5.3 7:27 Fun running westbound! strava
        Tue 12.1 7:56 Cold EZ miles + strides strava
        Wed 3.2 8:37 Waking up with the RZ fun run strava
        Wed 6.6 6:47 Some ups and downs Wink 6 x 1200m bridge repeats strava
        Wed 3.1 8:11 Freezing cool down strava
        Wed 4.3 7:20 Afternoon Run strava
        Thu 10.1 7:28 A nice change in surface 😎 strava
        Fri 5.2 7:41 Frosty AM miles strava
        Fri 6.1 7:59 Wickham Park trails strava
        Sat 5.0 7:17 EZ + some brisk strides strava
        Sun 20.3 7:01 ~8E + 10@6:15 + 2.2E # Done with 90+ mile weeks for a while! strava
          92.5 7:31    

        5K: 16:44 (11/18)  |  10K: 36:09 (2/18)  |  HM: 1:17:15 (12/18)  |  FM: 2:48:58 (1/18)


          I had a good week until SA & SU ... We were in Milwaukee for Badger Regional Club Volleyball Tournament and I did not sneak away Sunday for my long run and by the time we got back home it was after 8PM and I took a 0.


          Week #5 / 13

          * Total miles = 54.5

          *  Mid-week long 12.8

          *  20 minutes @ T = 7.7MPH

          *  10 x 1 Minute Faster = 9.2 MPH


          Plan for week # 6 ... We are downhill skiing Thursday - Saturday ... Plus the Q2 forecast is due Friday.  So I am shooting for a little lower


          Mileage 50+ Miles

          * Mid-week Long = 15+

          * Weekend long = 12+

          * 20 minutes @ T

          * 10 x 1 Mile faster

          * 1 day of real outside vertical / hill work (Shoot for 2000+ feet)

          * 3 days downhill skiing

          * 1 day volleyball


          I will have to be a morning running this week (After tonight)

          Comeback #19    # 20  #21 Not sure why I am pretending to try anymore ... But here it goes again. 




            Hey all, just dropping in to say hello.  Good to see finbad, weatherboy, JTReeves, kram, Andres, Swim and Mikkey are still around and some new joiners too.  And all doing more mileage than me haha.


            After some ITB issues in Dec/Jan and a couple of low mileage weeks when we were snowboarding in Canada (running hills, in the snow, at altitude is hard!), I've been back to a pretty consistent 65-70km/week which is about right for me I think.


            Anyway I guess my call to focus on HMs for the next little while worked out; I ran 1:17:44 on a particularly hilly course on Sunday (~300m gross elevation gain) and wiped over 30 seconds off my PB in the process - and thanks to many of you for your support/recognition on Strava!


            My goal race is actually in 3 weeks time but I decided to go hard at this one because 3 weeks isn't enough time to change anything up from a training perspective (a bit of fine tuning maybe) and I had a good race on this course last year so I figured it'd give me a good benchmark (I ended up being about 3 minutes quicker).  Plus it's the fourth in a five race series and its pretty tight between 1st, 2nd (me) and 3rd.  So anyway, we'll see how things go on a fast, flat course in 3 weeks time.  Weirdly I think I'm actually better suited to hilly courses but who knows?!

            5000m: 16:03 (Dec-18) | 5km: 16:24 (Nov-18) | 10km: 33:15 (Sep-19) HM: 1:12:49 (Sep-19) | FM: 2:57:36 (Oct-17)

            Last race: NZ Road Relays (Leg 2 / 10.2km), 5 Oct, 35:10

            Up next: The Agency Group 10,000m, 9 Nov



              JTReeves - that's a really nice wednesday run coupled with long run quality

              Weatherboy - Great week. You don't need me to tell you that 10 @ 6:15 in a 20 mile run at the end of a 90+ mile week means that you should cruise some runs in Italy, get lots of sleep and good food then hit Boston like a train.

              Marky -  is that a 5 half marathon series or mixed distance? I like getting involved in those sort of events.


              Signed up for a different half this coming Sunday so will try to mimic last week with an actual race at the end this week.

              Upcoming; 14th Sep Scottish veterans XC trials, 289th Sep Great Scottish Run 1/2, 12th October TAMA half marathon, 27th October Leeds Abbey dash 10k


                Mark elevation profile on that course was ridiculous.  Well done.


                fin solid week.  Two LR s in a week is pretty massive.


                Weather.  You get decent conditions in Boston I just don’t see how you wouldn’t PR again


                me 70 again last week


                mon 8 with strides 7:50

                Tue 9 with 10x1 min on 5:30 1 min off

                wed 8 7:55

                thurs 8 with strides 7:50

                fri 13 with 4x1 mile at T effort 6:05 ish then 4x200 37 ish

                sat 8 7:58

                sun 16 7:30


                the new coach and I finished up the first macro last week and are transitioning into a little more 5k and T stuff moving forward.  I look back on what I did a year ago at this time and I wonder how I ever pulled it off.  He’s happy with where we are and says we’re not trying to be marathon strong right now but when we are he thinks it could pretty good.  Onward

                HM: 1/17 1:18:53. FM: 12/18 2:46:04


                  A little late on my weekly check in but here I am!


                  Fin- Bummer about the half being cancelled, will Spring ever arrive? Hope this week goes better and at least there was another race you could pop in without having to wait too long.


                  JT- Glad to hear energy levels coming up, now we just need the weather to be on the upswing to match that!


                  Weather- Have a great vacation!


                  Dopple- Sorry you weren't able to get your LR in, it happens though totally frustrating none the less. Still a good week!


                  Marky- Congrats on the killer 1:17 half!!!


                  Swim- Glad things are going well with the new coach, sounds like he/you are taking good approach to training and keeping it smart.


                  Week...6 Buffalo Training. Planned cutback week which was good because majority of the week was just a general PITA and I wasn't having it. Rallied on the weekend though and nabbed a 5 mile PR (10.5 months postpartum), and then came back Sunday for a solid hilly long run. Even though I felt like garbage for 75% of the week, in general feeling pretty fit right now and also feel like I should/could have run a bit harder in the race on Saturday. But, that's all well and good because now it's time to really grind till my half in April and then Buffalo and May.


                  Mon 4 Miles 8:36 Avg Treadmill recovery
                  Tues 3.6 Miles 8:34 Avg The night the shit hit the fan mentally and physically. 
                  Wed 4 Miles 7:45 Avg Easy Mill just trying to force a decent run
                  Thurs 7 Miles 7:33 Avg Finally a good run 5 easy progressive + 4 x 400 (89,88,88,85 to shake off the rust for the race)
                  Fri 4.1 miles + Strides 8:03 avg/5:02 avg Shake out + Strides
                  Sat 6.5 Miles Total   Johnny's 5 Miler- 2nd F OA, 31:01 (2 Sec PR)
                  Sun 15.5 Miles 7:36 Avg Chasing hills (994 ft per strava)
                  Total 45 Miles    

                  Pre-Baby PR's (all from 2015): 5k: 18:46  10k: 38:37 HM: 1:24:51 FM: 2:58:13

                  Postpartum PR's: 5k: 18:18 (2018)  HM: 1:21:14 (2019) FM: 2:57:06 (2018-12 mo PP)


                  Next Up: Erie Marathon




                    Rumor has it that this is where all the slow runners hang out?

                    Good, I should fit right in,

                    PR's: Mar - 2:44;50  1/2 Mar - 1:16:59  10 Mile  58:03  10K - 33:30 (Back in High School)


                    On the comeback trail.

                      dkggWhoNow???   aren't you even older than mikkey?



                        dkggWhoNow???   aren't you even older than mikkey?



                        It is I,  trying to make a comeback.   Tired of being lazy and fat.


                        Mikkey is a youngster compared to me.  Looks like he should have a good marathon coming up.

                        PR's: Mar - 2:44;50  1/2 Mar - 1:16:59  10 Mile  58:03  10K - 33:30 (Back in High School)


                        On the comeback trail.

                          DKG when you wake up do you still walk down the stairs backwards 

                          50+ PBs5k 18:29 Tauranga Parkrun May18   

                          10k 38.55 oct 19 strava run

                          " If you don't use it you lose it but if you use it, it wears out.

                          Somewhere in between is about right "      


                          Elite Jogger

                            DKG when you wake up do you still walk down the stairs backwards 


                            I find it easier on the legs to just slide down the bannisters! This thread has potential if we can get Nils and Calbears back. 


                            DKG - Did you take a complete break from running and have you any races lined up?


                            Finbad - Excellent running and you’ll be flying at London. Good luck with the half on Sunday!


                            JT - Great week and glad to hear that the energy levels are back to normal again!


                            Weatherboy - I think you’ve earned a break in Italy. Enjoy!


                            Dopple - Good week even without the LR.


                            Marky - Congrats on the half PR and the strength training must really help on hilly courses!


                            Swim - Nice looking week! Does your new coach want to keep you on lower mileage this cycle?


                            Lela - You definitely bounced back at the weekend with a great hilly LR and congrats on the PR!


                            Me - My last 2 weeks aren’t worth posting (in my log if anyone’s interested). I went to see a PT early last week and he reckons I’ve got hip bursitis and I took 5 days off completely and been doing strength, stretching, ice, massage etc....but it’s still giving me problems. Hopefully I can get a few decent runs in and scrape a Sub 3 at London as I don’t think I’ll have run enough miles to do anything better than that!

                            5k - 17:53 (2019)   10k - 37:53 (2018)   Half - 1:23:18 (2019)   Full - 2:50:43 (2019)

                              Piwikiwi - I actually walk normally now and can navigate stairs properly.  Good thing as we got a dog a couple of years ago and he demands his 2 mile walk daily.  He is a running slug so I can't run with him.


                              Mikkey - Off and on for the last couple of years.  More off than on.  I ran two marathons if you want to call it that, and any other races I did was not very fast.  Every time I would get motivated ago something else would come up and got injured this time last year trying to extremely ramp the mileage.  Sometimes we never learn.


                              I am running the Flying Pig marathon in Cincinnati on May 6 and only shooting for a sub 3 and will go from there.  I had a lot of weight to lose and still have a bit more to lose but should be at close to fighting weight for the marathon.  In the fall I would like to give a sub 2:50 another crack.  We shall see as I turn 55 in September.  I am currently up to 73 mpw now and will probably cap at 80 this cycle and not go much over that this year.  I sure do notice that the intervals are a lot slower now but should get quite a bit quicker over the next 6 weeks.


                              I messengered Calbears a couple of days ago.  That is how I found out that everyone is here.  He is running but only 20 to 30 mpw.  Not sure if he will come back but you never now.  The racing bug is hard to get rid of.

                              PR's: Mar - 2:44;50  1/2 Mar - 1:16:59  10 Mile  58:03  10K - 33:30 (Back in High School)


                              On the comeback trail.

                                Mikkey - Sorry to hear about the bursitis.  I used to get that when I first started running and it was not a fun thing to have.  Hopefully you can get it under control.

                                PR's: Mar - 2:44;50  1/2 Mar - 1:16:59  10 Mile  58:03  10K - 33:30 (Back in High School)


                                On the comeback trail.