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    Zelanie-  Oh No!!!!  Is your friend OK?  You did the right thing by slowing down and not pushing it.  I think it's a difficult thing to do since the mind is set on a PR but you handled it the right way.  And, like you said, you're good to go since you didn't beat yourself up trying to race in those conditions.  On with the training!  Do you have a back-up HM you can sign up for?


    me-  Ran 10 yesterday which went pretty well.  I thought my legs would be feeling the effects of the hilly run from the day before but they felt fine.  A little tired but nothing major.  Today I'll do 6-7.  I've been trying to do yard work, too.  Blech.

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    Run n Drum

      Great thread.  I'm wanting to break 2:00 in the RnR/San Antonio this coming December.  I've run one other HM in 2:07 and that was BEFORE Achilles surgery so this goal is going to be tough.  I'm still recovering and building base mileage but things are starting to feel good again.  I have a 20-week program to follow, so I have a while before that starts.  For now, it's just building time on feet.





        Run-  Welcome!  Not just to this thread but to RA, too.  (Saw your 'new guy' thread)  Bumped into another runner on the trail the other day who is also making a comeback from an achilles injury.  He tried to get back to quickly and ended up with a nasty tear which set him back quite a bit.  I don't think he needed surgery, though.  Sounds like you're playing it smart by slowly base-building.  So you're going to train through the Texas summer...that'll toughen a person up.


        me-  Ran 12 this morning as an early LR.  Didn't know if I would be able to fit it in in the next couple of days so just got it out of the way today.  We've got a serious yard project going (serious for us, anyway) involving a rototiller and shovels.  I'm so tired I can barely lift the wine glass to my mouth.  Somehow I'm managing, though.  One more day of prep work which is the hardest part.  At least I hope so.  Have a good weekend!

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          Run N Drum- Welcome!  Sounds like you are building back sensibly, that's great!  I've only run 3 HMs myself, but my best one so far was actually coming back from an injury.  So you just never know. Smile


          miele- Your yard work story was funny!  Hope it's turning out OK.  It's hard for me to find a good make up race because I work Saturdays and don't like to take time off if I don't have to.  There is a Sunday 10K coming up in a couple of weeks.  I'm thinking of running it with my watch set to some useless screen, just going by feel, no goals, and seeing what happens.



            Zelanie-  The yard saga continues....I hope you can run that 10k since you've put in such a solid HM training cycle.  I think you would do really well.  Hopefully it'll start earlier or not be so hot.


            Tara-  Good luck tomorrow!!!  Have fun!  I know it'll be a very emotional event for everyone involved.  Look forward to hearing about the day!


            me-  Missed my run yesterday due to the yard project so I'm thinking of doing another longish run today to make up for it.  11.5 would give me the 45 miles I was aiming for this week.  The project should be finished Tues so hopefully Wed I can get back on schedule with running and the gym.  We'll see.

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              miele- We need pictures of the finished project!  I was going to say that the temps cooled off again after the HM, so no worries, but I checked and it's supposed to stay cool for the next 2 weeks (until the next race weekend).  And it's another 9:30 start.  I guess local RDs like to sleep in?  But I WILL bring a visor this time.


                Just crushed my half marathon PR yesterday. I ran it in 1:46:30. Previous PR was on Thanksgiving at 1:53:53. No more halfs on the schedule until September.

                  Zelanie - sorry to hear your race didn't go well.  Some days are just not PR days.  I think when the stars align for you on a good day and good weather you are going to knock it out of the park.


                  Randy - Good luck in going sub 2.  With some decent training I'm sure you can do it.


                  Tim - Great job on your PR.


                  miele - sounds like you are getting in some great cross training with the yard work!  I never go to the gym, but just being active and working outside, home repairs, a little tractor work on my hobby farm, backpacking, etc. all seem to accomplish about the same thing.  That's my cross training anyway.


                  Me - Feeling like I'm getting back into the swing of things.  Got in a 17 mile long run on Saturday morning with only 1 mile of that on pavement and knocked out 12.4 miles Sunday evening with 2 big hills on that run.  Ended the week with 61.4 miles at an avg pace of 9:13 per mile so pretty happy with that.  On my long run my shoulders still got pretty tight after about mile 12 but I was able to rotate my neck, shoulders, etc. and loosen back up for the most part.  Didn't really even notice my shoulders tonight, but only did the 12 miles Sunday night.


                  Next week is my peak training week then starting to slow down a little bit after that.  My schedule has another back to back long run planned with 18 miles on Saturday and 12 on Sunday.   Supposed to do 12 miles on Tuesday at MP, but might swap that one out for a hilly easy run.  Less than 4 weeks until my first 50K!

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                  If you ask

                    It's been a while since I've stopped by...


                    Hello to all!  It's nice to see the conversation has continued.


                    I ran my first race since being sick in February.  It was  the 15k trail race that I run every year, but, unfortunately, I didn't get picked to carry the egg to win some chocolate.     I did, however, win 3rd in my AG, which always makes me proud as I'm competing with runners who train on those hills.  The trails I train on are just not the same.    The terrain was quite rocky with many felled trees.  It was fun.


                    Next up, in two weeks, is a 10 miler on the canal paths.  I hope to run well, but don't expect a PR.


                    Miele, did you say trail shoes?   Am I in the same forum???

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                      Zelanie-  No'll have to take my word for's beautiful and green.  Much better than dirt and weeds.   Funny how the races start so late up there.  Or maybe it's just the races you select?


                      Tim-  Well done!  Major PR!


                      Nathan-  I don't like this kind of cross-training.  I miss the gym.  Yard work is a necessary evil which I loathe.   But if I had a little tractor like you I might enjoy it a little.  Your training seems to be back on track.   Almost like you never had to take some time off.  Glad you figured out how to loosen up you shoulders.  Is the taper for a 50k similar to that of a marathon?  Three weeks?


                      Edith-  Oh no!  And here I was envisioning you in a chocolate easter egg, sugar induced coma surrounded by those little colorful foil wrappers.   I can't believe you weren't picked to carry the egg.  Maybe next year.  Congrats on the AG award!  Nicely done!  And, yes!  Trail shoes for moi!  I really like them.  I've only worn them once so far.  They're still too pretty to actually, you know, wear.


                      Tara-  I saw your other post...Congratulations!  I want to hear every detail.


                      me-  The new sod is down and my back is sore.  That's all I did today.  No running, no gym.   Actually, I ran 6 very hilly (for me) trail miles last night with the group and my legs were trashed by the end so I'm not too upset at having missed a run today.  The trails around here are very different from Edith's trails, I think.  No felled trees.  No trees, really.  Just open spaces with tall grass and dirt and gravel paths which can be rocky.   It was a very enjoyable run.  A guy in the group started telling me about the snakes he's come across on the trails.  Really?!?  That's just great.

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                        Hey guys!  We're getting the band back together!   Good to see everyone!


                        Tim- Wow, that is a serious PR!  Congratulations!


                        npaden- Good luck with peak mileage week!


                        Edith- Congrats on the AG win!  That's worth way more than some chocolate. Smile


                        miele- Snakes are really no big deal.  I'm sure I don't see half of the ones I run by.  We mostly just have garter snakes, but every now and then I will come across a gopher snake.  Here is what my dog Zoe thinks of those:



                        Now npaden, on the other hand, probably has to contend with some snakes, if my childhood memories of Texas serve me at all.

                          tim-great job on your PR!


                          miele-We are running the Scotia Bank HM this Sunday. They are announcing temps near 10C and 40% chance of rain. I don't mind that. Hoping for a PR and to go under 1:43. Keep you all posted on Sunday.


                          me-taper week#2, only a couple of slow runs and a karate class are in my way now...and some good eating.


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                          The Running Stan

                            Hi all.  I am Stan.  I am new here.  Just joined today.  I saw this thread and thought I join in.  I ran my first half a couple of weeks ago at 1:58:08.  Thought I would share.


                              Welcome Stan!! Glad to see you here. And congrats on your first half time!!! That's pretty awesome!

                                welcome aboard Stan. Good time on your first HM. Any more down the road?


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