Trouble creating training plan (Read 592 times)


    I cannot seem to create a training plan, or save one. I can only enter the information at the top of the screen but not any specific plan entries or the Summary boxes. When I hit Save, nothing happens. When I try to drag an activity to a date, nothing happens. I am running IE8, and allow this page to run under Compatibility mode. Any help appreciated.


      Do you see a yellow warning triangle on IE's status bar?  That would indicate an error has occurred.  Either way, try pressing Ctrl-F5 to make sure all the files are correctly loaded.  Most of the time, the problem seems to be the browser not loading all the files.


        I expected an IE error but got none. It always reloads the page automatically in Compatibility Mode and everything seems to be there. Just nothing functions, even after a CTRL-F5. Stumped.

          I've seen this problem before on one of my test environments but I haven't been able to reproduce it there.  The compatibility mode is an IE8 bug.  I tried to fix it but didn't get anywhere.  I am not sure what can be done except to try a different web browser or upgrade to IE9.  I'll keep trying to reproduce the problem in my test environment.


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            I am able to make this work from my home computer, so all is good. I am running IE8 on both machines but the one that does not work is on Windows 7. My home computer with Windows XP works. Maybe that is a clue? Thanks for the quick response.

              Hi, have you found a solution for this? I'm afraid I have the same problem. The weird thing is that I had not had this problem before. Right now I cannot save new training plans or edit existing ones. I am unable to click the "save" button and I cannot even see the calendar part - only the top empty gap and the dates. Does not work on Mozilla Firefox either. All the other features work without problems. Any suggestions?

                Could you provide more information?  Which browser are you using on which operating system?

                  Sure, sorry, didn't occur to me it was actually relevantClowning around


                  I've got Windows 7 and primarily use Mozilla Firefox (16.01). As a backup plan, I have tried Internet Explorer9, but no difference...


                    Same problem here. Using Windows 7 and Chrome.

                      Marianne 50,

                      What is the problem you are experiencing?


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