I Love Asparagus But... (Read 217 times)

Better I Leave

    ...GAWDAMN!!! Why does my pee stink to high heaven after I eat it!!! LOL!

      Everyone's pee smells like that after eating asparagus but you and I are among the special 22% of people who have the receptors to detect this interesting aroma!  78% of people reading this post won't know what you are talking about.  What I find interesting is how soon after eating asparagus that you can smell it.

        Not necessarily everyone's does, but most do.




        Stinky but worth it. Big grin  I always eat green asparagus.  Does white do the same thing?

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        delicate flower

          The stinky pee is so disgustingly awesome.  Nothing like a bathroom punch in the face reminder at 3:00 AM that you had aparagus the night before.



            That happens to me with coffee...

              Yeah, I've got that receptor. It's an unbelievably nauseating smell.


              Asparagus. Not even once.

                I love asparagus, and I don't know what you're talking about.

                I think I'm genetically flawed, but in this case, it's likely not a curse.

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                  That happens to me with coffee...


                  stop brewing your coffee with asparagus juice.

                  No Talent Drips

                    Reminds me of the first time i had beets. I was pretty sure that I had been abducted by aliens (again). Nope, not that time, just beets.

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                      This is one of those words that my ESL brain had to work hard on so that I say it properly.


                      My brain processes it as ass-pair-AGG-us.


                      And, yeah, my pee stinks.  But lots of stuff makes my pee stink.


                      Regular ass person

                        I am also a member of The Aromatic 22.


                        But I will gladly take some stankpee for asparagus goodness.

                        an amazing likeness

                          Look! KayPee posting about pee.

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                          Regular ass person

                            Look! KayPee posting about pee.


                            It's true. Very urine focused over here.

                            Princess Cancer Pants

                              Yeah, I've got that receptor. It's an unbelievably nauseating smell.


                              Asparagus. Not even once.


                              I wish I didn't have that reaction to the smell or make the smell in the first place, but I do.  I also live about 10 minutes South of the largest asparagus-producing region in the US (maybe the world...but for sure the US).  Such a shame, but I can't deal with the nausea from that stank!

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                                I love the smell of asparagus pee in the morning!

                                Janie, today I quit my job. And then I told my boss to go f*** himself, and then I blackmailed him for almost sixty thousand dollars. Pass the asparagus.