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    Has anyone ever used a training plan from strength running? http://strengthrunning.com/injury-prevention-program

    I want a plan that has stength stuff built in since otherwise I feel it will not happen. I'm definitely one of those people who strength train/cross-train while injured and then gradually cut it off all together until the next time. I've been a fan of the it band rehab routine on that site and don't mind his podcast but it seems expensive.


    Thoughts? Other preferred plans? Training for mostly trail races this year.


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      That is a lot of money.


      I don't  think there is one size fits all for injury prevention.

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        $179 for all that information plus training plans seems pretty cheap relative to 1:1 coaching, which tends to cost that or more per month.  Having done race training on my own and with a coach, I prefer the coach but this seems like a good alternative.

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