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    This morning I ran my longest race to date, 5 miles. I've run 5 miles several times, but this was the first time doing it with a piece of paper pinned to my shirt. I'll save you all the details (they're on my blog if anyone really wants to know), but I beat my goal of 50:00 and my previous best 5 mile time (non-race) of 46:58. Somehow this morning I finished in 42:58 (Gun time) or 42:50 (Garmin time)! I missed 5th place in my age group by less than a minute, but I am ecstatic about my time! Of course now I've set the bar fairly high (for me) for my next 5 mile race on Thanksgiving Day.

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      Congratulations! That is an awesome time! You certainly went above and beyond with smashing your goal time. Smile


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        Great job! Nothing like killing your old records, is there?

        I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.




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          Great job!

          Run until the trail runs out.

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            congratulations. you buried your old pr.