Getting back into it (Read 475 times)

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    Well I had a few months in there where I was hardly running at all, due to several vacations in the early months of the year and then nagging pains in my left hamstring and knee kept me confined to cardio machines and strength work (better than not doing nothing I guess). A few weeks ago I decided that not running wasn't making me feel any better so I figured I'd run anyway and try to mitigate any pain with stretching, icing, strength training and using the foam roller massage thingie. I'm now back up to running 4-5 times a week and feeling pretty good, just with the odd ache or pain. I even ran a mini 5K (was probably closer to 3 miles) at work today and finished first in 19:40, which is a lot better than I was expecting. So those weeks of not running were difficult, but in the end they didn't have too much of a negative effect. Now the only thing nagging me is the question of whether I go for the BQ in the fall or not. You're all an inspiration to me - keep it up.

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      It does feel good to get back in the groove, doesn't it? I've been in the same boat for the last month. Between my knee and a pulled soleus, I wasn't able to train very much. I was finally able to get some consistent mileage in this past week, so I'm feeling much better. That's not a bad 3 mile time! In an 'official' 5K with lots more runners, you probably would have gone even faster.
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