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    Does everyone know this but me? I do a core exercise class called The Dailey Method: it's known for being tough (tougher than the bar method or pilates). On days that I both run and do the class I always do the core training first thinking that I can adjust my run and that I would simply be too tired for the class if I did it the other way around. Today I went to a special class and it was after my long run of 9 miles (trail run no less). I went to the class not expecting to be able to do everything. But not only could I do everything I did it better than usual. Someone in the class even mentioned how well I did today, so it was a noticeable difference. The class wasn't any easier than usual but I kept up and kept my form. In fact, I feel better than I usually do after a long run, my muscle feel loose and while I am a little shaky I feel energized. My questions are: is this the way to go on days when you have two activities? Have I been doing this in reverse? Or was I simply having a good day?


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      Just because of my schedule, I do my run first then my exercise class (Mondays and Fridays). I love it! It gets me all loosened up and cooled down (after the initial exertion). It's funny you mentioned that other people noticed you did better, because I've gotten similar comments. I think you're onto something! Teresa

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        Never underestimate a good warmup! Last summer I did a run to the gym, then lifted my weights, then ran home. My weights were stronger than usual and my run home was easy and fast. When I did a triathlon years ago, the 5K at the end was my 5K PR for YEARS. As a matter of fact I didnt break it until I started running a 3 mile warmup for 5K's

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        "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7

          Okay, this echoes a major point from famous running coach Jack Daniels. I forget which of the flotrack interviews with him explicitly addresses it, but it's there, along with a bunch of other great advice. I highly recommend watching all of them. Start with this one: http://www.flocasts.org/flotrack/speakers.php?sid=38&vid=6894
            Okay, so I am not alone in this. I am super tired today but I can't wait to try the run then core routine again. Thanks for the video link, Jhorner, I enjoyed the interviews.


              I get to try this running/exercise class combo again today. I can't wait to find out if it's as fun the second time around.


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