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    Hi All,


    I have never had luck with the photo section in the Equipment Info area, and figured maybe I can finally get to the bottom of it with your help.


    I just recently bought a new pair of running shoes (Asics 2150's) and figured I'd try to enter the data correctly as to have the image of the shoes be shown in the picture box.

    I went to Amazon, looked up my shoes, and copied the name (as well as a number of various iterations) in hopes RA would pull down the picture.

    I cannot seem to get it to work.  I have read other posts and am aware of common mistakes such as the Model Name field being populated with manufacturer, color, etc.  I tried a bunch of combinations with no luck.


    On another note, I also noticed that once I populate the  Manufacturer field, my drop down list for the model has a myriad of different models, many of which include misspellings and notes that appear to have been created by other users of RA other than myself.

    Is this normal?  It seems odd that I can actually select a shoe that has comments along the lines of "shoe looks great but I got blisters" being added to my notes section.


    Any ideas?




      The photos are obtained automatically from Amazon.  I believe they changed the API recently so it is currently broken and I need to fix it.


      The last release included a model name validator that detects and corrects common errors.  I think it's working well.  I will run the validator in auto mode some time in the near future to clean up existing model names.  It will not catch all the mistakes, but in my testing, about 50% of the models will be adjusted.


      Where did you see the comments?  This should not happen but I haven't been able to reproduce this problem.


      eric :-)



        I'm sorry, the comments did not import into the "Notes" field as I mentioned in my original post.  They imported into the "Review" field.


        I have copied and pasted below, a particular model that appears in my drop down list, that was not created by me, along with the accomanying review.

        (I selected ASICS in the Manufacturer field in order to get the drop down list where this model is found)




        Gel-ASCIS GT-2140


        love these shoes



        Thanks for looking into this Eric, and even moreso, thank you for providing such an excellent site!


          same question as Running Again. I wonder if it's possible to add a photo of my shoe type to the equipment section. Doesn't seem to be possible at this point. Thanks.