Realistic racing goals (Read 375 times)

I fly.

    Okay, I ran the Birmingham 1/2 Marathon (hilly course) on 2/11/07 in 1:49:52. Yesterday I ran the Tom King 1/2 Marathon (flat flat flat course) in 1:48:54. Do you think it is reasonable for me to run with the 1:45 pace group in the Country Music 1/2 Marathon (hilly) on 4/28? I would really like to break 1:45, but maybe I need more training? Any speedwork recommendations are welcome also (as are any other people who have goals and are wondering if they are realistic... I'd love for us to all help each other out.) -Jill

    Bring it on.

      If it were me? I'd run with the 1:45 pace group, if for no other reason than to keep me motivated. Big grin Just have a goal of keeping that little sign in sight...even if you are a bit behind. but you might surprise yourself and pass 'em. Big grin good luck!
      Jennifer mm#1231