Does anyone find on some days they are just really fatigued and seem to hit a wall mid run? (Read 111 times)


    I find this usually happens when there is a big change in the weather, like since it's transitioning from summer to fall we will have days that are 50 and gloomy then 80, sunny and humid. I find on those days as well as on days that it rains heavy even though I run indoors it still hits me.


    I am thinking it's probably some sort of allergies I always have the same pre run ritual as far as my nutrition and all that goes so no variables there. Just curious if anyone else sees drastic fluctuations in there performance from time to time. Rare but when it happens I get extremely frustrated.

      Yes. Bad runs happen, and not always for an easily explainable reasons; running is a funny thing. You just hope it doesn't happen on race day. If it's rare, as you say, then I wouldn't worry about it. If it started to increase in frequency, I would look for connections & commonalities between them.


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        Your body may be letting you know it hasn't fully recovered from your previous run. Are you running consecutive hard days? Most of us, myself included, often don't make easy days easy enough. When you feel tired, it's a sign you need to ease up a bit, not push even harder the next time.


          I don't exactly hit a wall, but do struggle more on the days when it's unusually warm in the middle of cooler weather.


          Are you eating enough carbs?

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            Heat bothers me a lot.


            I like running in the rain unless it is real cold

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              Aside from those days when heat and sun are an issue, yes, and it's usually because I am really fatigued for any of several possible reasons:

              1) I've run too many days in a row
              2) I've run several hard days close together

              3) I've run too fast at the start of the workout

              4) I haven't been eating or sleeping well

              5) I haven't allowed enough recovery time from my previous race

              6) I haven't allowed for the effect of stress in other areas of my life

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                Yes   most times you can figure out why.  sometimes you cant.

                  I love Jack Daniel's philosophy on this...


                  never feel bad about quitting a run, etc...


                  if debating 2 workouts.... choose the easier one.


                  chalk up a  bad run to whatever, not your fault... but a good run is all you!



                  the other day I thought it was going to be an interval day.... then after getting up and walking around, I knew I was not running intervals, after a bit more time, I realized I was really beat up, even an easy run was out, I think I took a recovery walk....

                  300m- 37sec.