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Super B****

    Congrats, pcaharrier!

    Well, I arrived in Jerusalem today; I walked 3.5 miles (not on purpose... I have a horrible sense of direction and a 2km trip turns into 2+ miles) and these hills are seriously no joke.  I'm scared!

    chasing 5:59


    because i never shut up ... i blog


      SuperB - Good luck with those hills. Sounds like a pretty interesting place to run a marathon.


      kenyan - Your plan looks good to me. Just curious, do you add in any strength or cross training?


      pcaharrier - Congrats!!! Great race, and awesome finish time. The strategy to empty your tank at the end and save your legs on the hills obviously paid off big time!


      stever - Good to "see" you! How's the running going? I'm still loving my lace locks.


      docjen - I'm glad your hip flexor is better. You sure had a long day(s) at work! If I had to stay at work one minute after I'm done I'd probably go nuts. I still think a 3:45 is totally do-able for you. That 20 mile trail race was hard, and I think you're thoughts about not being fully recovered yet are right on.


      hector - Nice running! I hope checking out the course doesn't freak you out. Lol!


      Zelanie - I hear you on suffering through a 5k! The 5k's I've done have hurt far more than any longer distance run, well, except for maybe a 10k! I much prefer the halves and fulls.


      Edith - Nice mileage, as usual! You are seriously a running machine! I wish I had some trails near me - the closest ones are a 40 minute drive and they're pretty much crap.


      Me - My next race isn't until the end of April, so I'm not really following any specific plan. My mileage was averaging mid to upper 30s, but the past couple weeks I've been having either piriformis or high hamstring issues, so I've dropped it to upper 20s, eased back on the pace, and tried to stay flat. Slowly, it's getting better. I tried to transition to zero drop shoes and thought I was doing well, but my problems kicked in after a longer run in the shoes, which is the only thing that had changed. Don't know if they caused my problems, but I went back to my good ole stability shoes. Just for kicks, I'm going to follow the Run Less Run Faster half program for my May half, but I plan on adding in a 4th day of running. It's not a goal race, so if the plan doesn't get me a faster time, no biggie. My PR goal race isn't until Oct. 2013, so I'll have plenty of time to follow a different plan for it. Happy running to everyone!


      Miele - Where are you? I miss you!!

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        jan-glad to hear from you. Hope the hamies are feeling better. I get that sometimes after a high-mileage week. I too did the Run Less Run Faster program for my first couple of HM. I liked the program, but now I am using the Asics program, which kind of reminds me of the RLRF one, except that they don't have any intervals, so I add my own mix.


        I also have my first HM at end of April. I hope to break the 1:40 mark, it would be a 4min PR.


        Glad you still use the lace locks. I should have the first real ones for production in March. I used them all winter and still worked 100% and have yet to stop and tie laces since May 2012.


        me-Due for a 9k tomorrow, as we got dumped last night with thick, heavy snow. Poor trees and power lines. Then an 18k on Sunday.


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          stever - Wow! 1:40 is amazing. My current half PR is 1:53:26. When you followed the RLRF program, did you follow it as written, without adding in any extra days? I know I'll probably add in one day, so would run 4 instead of 3 days a week. I could probably spin or cycle one day a week, but I'm a bike hater so most likely wouldn't do it more than that. Where did you find the Asics program?  Awesome that the lace lock are officially going into production! I'll promote them to all my running friends.

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            jan-I followed the RLRF program pretty closely, but I may have missed a day every few weeks. I also was not too regimented with the interval runs since I could not time them without a GPS watch or track. I did follow the tempo and long runs, and I also added about 2-3 days of cardio (aka karate) in between.


            The Asics program is on It's free and very visual. I am following this one again, did it for my last HM where I PR'd at 1:44.


            I'll let you know when the Facebook and website go live for the lace locks.


            5K/22:33   10K/47:52   21.1K/1:44:06  42.2K/4:07:37
            2014 Goals: 5K<22:00 10K<45:00 HM<1:40  FM<3:45

              Harrier- Wow, a 19-minuyr PR?  That's FANTASTIC!  Way to go!


              Jan, Kenyan, Stever- Good luck on getting set for your April races!


              Got my MLR up to 10 last night.  That's the distance that I had such a mental block over getting to for my long run in January, so it was a good feeling.  Getting close to peak mileage on my plan- should be there next week if all goes well.


                pcaharrier - dang you're fast!  What a great race!  i'm even more impressed knowing you were pacing mostly by feel!


                jan - I'll be interested to see how RLRF goe sfor you.  I feel like I couldn't maintain intensity if I didn't run so many days, but who knows?  I feel like I've been living in your neck of the woods lately as Kansas City has been buried under snow.  Even for me I've run a lot of treadmill miles in the last couple of weeks, but there aren't any clear sidewalks or paths and the middle of the road isn't optimal for pre-dawn dark running!


                zelanie - good job on getting that medium long run distance!


                stever - I'm waiting on your official lace lock stuff.  Weirdly, although I don't think I tie any different than anyone else, I've actually never had an issue with shoes coming untied.  I don't ever remember having to stop to re-tie.  BUT, several of my running friends seem to be constantly having that issue and I'd like to help them out!


                bluerun - that kind of walking seems to happen to me a lot, my sense of direction leaves a lot to be desired!  Good luck!


                me - Due to snow, I've been all treadmill so far this week.  Just did 10 miles, with 6.5 at tempo pace (8:20.)  I'm getting outside this weekend no matter what!  There's a few places to run on the road here that are fine on the weekends.  The one nature park area isn't open prior to daylight, and the local subdivision is, but we run on the bike lane which is still scary in the dark.  Looking forward to feeling some real ground!  I pulled the trigger last night and registered for the marathon, and for a half 5 weeks before it.  Both races had price increases today, so it was time.  I'm officially registered for the Lucky 13.1 on March 16, and then the Garmin marathon on April 20.


                Super B****

                  I really have to catch up with everyone here, but it's hard to navigate on this tiny netbook... I just wanted to pop in and say that my race was this morning, and I am SHOCKED, but I did it -- I beat my goal, and by quite a bit!!  My Garmin time was 1:51:43, and I'm positive I started it before the first mat and stopped it after the last, so the official results must be gun time.  But even that beat my goal -- 1:52:22.


                  It still doesn't feel like it even really happened.

                  chasing 5:59


                  because i never shut up ... i blog

                    Congratulations, bluerun!  I'm so happy for you!

                      Bluerun - Congrats, that's a great time!  Somehow I missed that you were running your race in Jerusalem, that sounds very cool.


                      DocJen - Good luck on your races you signed up for.  I'm about to pull the trigger on a half that is 4 weeks before my full.


                      Jan26.2 - Good luck on the RLRF program, since I'm in the the middle of a marathon cycle it seems like that should stand for Run Long, Run Forever!


                      Me - Ended up with 222.8 miles in Feburary and my streak is up to 57 days and 413.6 miles.  Had a great Marathon Pace Tempo run last night, ended up with some GPS problems so missed the first 1/2 mile of the run, but the last 10.6 miles I averaged an 8:45 pace and my HR never got over 85% the entire run and averaged below 80%.  It was a perfect evening, and it actually felt pretty easy.  That run actually put me at 63 mile over the last 7 days for an average of 9 miles a day.  I have a 16 miler at a 9:30 pace on the schedule for this weekend, hopefully that will go just as well.  I'm a sucker for these local races and couldn't keep from signing up for one next Saturday.  A 14K (8.67 miles).  I'm shooting to do it under an 8:00 average pace and right now I feel like that is doable.

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                      the kenyan

                        Jan - no xtraining, but I'm hoping to do some strength 2-3 days a week....stuff like pushups, situps, plank exercises and such.  I'm also planning on incorporating some strides and form drills once or twice a week.


                        Just had a pretty solid tempo run....20 minutes @ 8:03 pace.  A bit faster than I wanted, but the effort was pretty controlled and I finished feeling good...I was able to dial right back down to 9:45ish pace at the end for a mile cooldown.  Mostly I'm just happy with how easy 8:00 pace feels again.   I really don't have a good sense of where my race paces are at right now, so I'm hoping to jump into a 5k/10k in the next few weeks, then these workouts will be easier to plan.


                        If you ask

                          Kenyan - I think it's a good idea to find a 5k to run.   It will definitely help you with future training.   Your training plan looks pretty good, though.


                          Paden -  I hope your 16 miler is just as great as your last run.  It's so nice when everything just works.  I'm a sucker for racing, too.   Most of my runnng  friends know that they don't have to ask me twice about running a race.  It sounds like your race pace is totally doable!


                          Bluerun and harrier - congratulations!  Whoot Whoot!!


                          docjen - I sure hope that you were able to run on some solid ground this week!  I don't even have access to a TM so I'm always outside.  If the roads aren't safe,  I hit the trails.  Heck, I hit the trails anyway, haha.   So cool that you are running another marathon!  I think you are surely going to hit your new goal.  My marathon is May 26, so I'm looking for which half I want to run.  Need to pick one and register soon before prices increase!


                          Zelanie - way to go with the ten!   Yay, you!  Also, about your 5k... I have the same issue as you.  My brother was recently telling me how much better I would be (Racing) if I would push myself a bit more.  I do push the pace, but not in an all-out sort of way.  But that's one of the reasons I prefer long distances to short.   5k races are so hard!  However, I did find that training for a long race (marathon) certainly helped me mentally in running a 5k; "I can suffer for a measly 3 miles."


                          stever - I will be looking forward to your lace locks!  I don't like chews when racing bc I don't like the texture.  I prefer a gu, or if its a really long run (over 15 miles) I treat myself to a honey stinger waffle.  Yum!


                          jan - I am missing Miele too.  Good luck with the RLRF program.  I bought that book (at a yard sale) but its not really good for me because I'm more about distance than pace.  Plus, I've found that running with boys is great speed work especially on the hilly trails.  I hope you figure out your shoes.  I love my Pure Flows for lesser mileage, but anything above 10 miles, I prefer Brooks Ghosts.  What race are you running in Oct?


                          Hector - I love running in the rain, too, but only in the summer!  I hope your Saturday run went well.  Remember, negative splits!


                          Me - hmmm.  It's been a while...  I ran the Chilly Cheeks 7.2 mile trail race last Sunday.  I really thought I was not doing well until I had 2 miles left and just felt strong and started passing runners.   This race is part of the LaSportiva Mountain Cup series so there were quite a few serious racers.  I finished 183 out of 493.   And I could enjoy the eggs and pancakes afterwards!  Oftentimes, I am just too queasy to eat after a hard run.   Ran a few days this week, not as much as I wanted but I was super busy in a good way.   Ran 12 miles today, struggling with feeling tired the whole time.  But hey, I did it.


                          Happy Running, Happy Racing!

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                            bluerun - way to go!  Sounds like you had a fantastic race!


                            npaden - excellent milage you've been putting in lately!  Good luck on that next race.


                            the kenyan - I agree on finding a 5 or 10K to race.  I keep having to guess paces because I don't race much and I think it's much easier to run something "at 5K pace" if you know what the heck that is!


                            Edith - we got a ridiculous amount of snow here and I haven't been back on a trail.  I'm trying to keep the milage up at this point in marathon training and have some work outs at particular speeds, so will just trail run on easy days for now.  My crazy running friend here managed to give himself frostbite.  He ran trails in a foot of snow wearing ankle socks in 20F weather.  His bare ankles got wet and then froze.  Fortunately it wasn't a severe case and he just had to take a few days off and use antibiotics and an ointment.  That definitely has had a little deterrent effect on me ... Great job on your recent race!  That's a great placing with that many runners.


                            me - did 20 miler #2 today.  This one was much easier than #1, which was the 20 mile trail race!  A friend joined me for the first 6, and I did the rest solo.  Cold and windy, and lots of rolling hills, but overall felt pretty good and much easier than last week's 16 with miles at marathon pace since this one was all just long run pace.  Finished in 3:11:25.  Yesterday I ran 6 outside as well, so I feel a little more human after some outdoor running.

                              My first 16 miler today.  It was tougher than I expected.  I cheated and had my wife drop me off on the way home from church so I could run with the 20 mph wind behind my back, but the 80 degree temperature ended up taking it's toll on me.


                              Was supposed to run a 9:30 pace, and ended up running a 9:07 pace with the wind behind me, but I ran out of water with 4 miles to go and my HR was climbing pretty good there at the end.  My wife met me with some water with 1.5 miles to go and that made a HUGE difference.


                              62.6 miles for the week.  Streak is at 60 days and 443.7 miles.

                              Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

                              Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)

                                np- Good luck on your race next weekend!  Glad your 16 miler went well.  Sounds like maybe the early pace plus the heat were tough, other than that I bet it would have been no problem.


                                TheKenyan- I agree, my paces feel like they're all over the place, and even then will vary based on what else I've run that week, so it can be tough to know how to plan.


                                Jen- I guess doing your first 20 miler as a trail race is a good way to ensure that the second one will be better!  For me the second time is usually a lot harder because I don't have the adrenaline or excitement about reaching a new milestone to keep me going.


                                me- Ran my first 14 miler today.  I decided to run it on my HM course.  There was part of it that I've never run on, because it's too far for me to get to when I start from my house.  I'm glad I did, because I was really worried about a part that I thought was going to be very steep around mile 9.  And I wasn't sure how much uphill it was even to get to that spot.


                                It turned out that miles 6-8 were a steady but very gradual climb.  Nothing steep at all, but it just seemed to go on forever and I was thinking that I was going to hit the real hilly part up ahead with nothing left.  Instead, I got to the top, and then it was a nice downhill which just felt great.  And the next little bit that I thought was going to be steep was pretty much flat (they must have found the only flat roads in that neighborhood!).  If I wouldn't have run the course, I probably would have felt like I needed to save energy on that gradual climb for the next part that was still ahead.  Now I know I just need to hit mile 8 and I will feel like I have fresh legs again.


                                All in all a pretty good week.  Up to 48 miles, a new personal best by 4 miles.  Next week is peak mileage week!