Recommendations on a good trainer? (Read 774 times)

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    I saw this question in another thread and thought it deserved its own topic. Does anyone have a recommendation on a high quality trainer? Did, ThePro? My boss can't run much, and decided that he'll use a trainer through the winter in MI. I have an aquaintence who told me that all trainers are terrible, and to just hit the road. But I'm wondering if there are in fact some solid trainers out there. Thoughts?

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      Thanks, I should have split this out into its own thread.

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        I don't know much about trainers, though the "you get what you pay for" adage continues to apply. I've only used wind trainers and a mag trainer, and both were loud enough that I wouldn't want to use one at night anywhere anyone was trying to sleep. I'd think you'd get a lot of vibration noise through the floor; you might be able to attenuate that with a heavy anti-fatigue mat under the thing, maybe more than one, even. In any case, I prefer to ride in front of a movie or something with the lights out - anything to remove the horror of the wall in front of me. I know that my shop likes CycleOps trainers, but prefers rollers over any fixed trainer. Trainers can encourage some bad habits, like yanking the bike around while you hammer; rollers require smooth riding, or you'll ride off the side of the thing and go shooting into a wall. Or, get a 'cross bike, HTFU, and go outside! You get points for how far you slide after a fall... did


          I have a 1upusa trainer and feel it is one of the best out there. It uses a friction plate instead of fluid and has a realistic road feel to it. Oh, and if you decide to get rollers dont be concerned about rocketing into the wall. You are creating absolutely no momentum, other than the back well, and that is certainly not enough to send you flying into the wall.Worse that will happen is that you will be like that tricycle guy on the very old Laugh In show... you will simply just fall over...and hopefully the only thing injured is your pride. Big grin