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    How was the 18 mile run?
    It was actually pretty good. The plan called for a 17-mile run, but I just hate "odd" numbers and when I got to about 16.5 miles, I was feeling pretty good so I decided to tack on an extra mile. My first "official"18-miler is supposed to be this coming Sunday.



    Barefoot and happy

      Way to go! I think with enough dedication and patience a four hour marathon can be yours. Maybe even faster.
      Curious about running barefoot? Visit the new barefoot running group.
        WTG! Happy running Birthday Cool

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          Congratulations on your milestone Derek! That's an amazing record of your achievement too. Claire xxx
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          shonan marathon, girl

            I am so impressed! Your dedication is amazing! Running is the best and quickest way to lose weight and keep it off. People ask me how I keep thin, and I tell them they should run. I am working on achieving a sub-4 time at my next marathon in November. Running is not easy, you have to work on form, speed, learn about which shoes are good for you, how many miles to run, how much to rest, etc. I think the first year of running is the hardest and after that it gets easier. Believe me, after 40 life is still good. I started training at 41 and am in the best shape of my life at 44. It's never too late!

            next race SHONAN MARATHON nov 3rd, 2012, OSAKA MARATHON nov 25th, i am aiming for nyc!

            Me and my gang in Breck

              Great job Derek. You will have know problem with a sub 4 hr marathorn. You know like the rest of us that anything is possible. Mark

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                Derek...Awesome! You've lost almost 60 lbs? Shocked Way to take control man! Good luck with the marathon training!
                  WTG !!
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                    Congratulations Derek! As somebody who is only in Week 3 of the C25K program and is dying after 1 1/2 minutes of running, your success reassures me that it can be done. My goal is a marathon as soon as I can manage it, but short-term I'm concentrating on my first 5K on Sep. 29. You are an inspiration to those of us who just joined you on the trail to fitness. Keep up the good work!
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                      I'd like to publicly congratulate and thank Derek...it is because of your progress that gave me the push to even start running again! A few months ago, I was on a backwards slide... Always had a dream of running a half marathon and maybe even a full, but could not imagine my sore knees and 248lb frame taking me over the finish line... Than, surfing for some motivation, I stumbled onto RA, and found Dereks blog Road to Boston. Since then (6/18/07), I could not run 1.5 miles without stopping. I weighed 238.5lbs, and my knees and feet hurt all the time. Now, I just completed my 2nd week of running 20 mpw, and up to a long run of 6mi. The scale says I'm at 228.5...and dropping every week. My clothes are looser, and my outlook is better! Thanks for all of you who post your accomplishments and set-backs here on RA...I for one am a life that has been changed! Wink Dave

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