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    My husband and I are heading to Vegas in a few weeks and we both are training for a half marathon.  Anyone know of a safe place to run close to the strip?  I have never been there, so if this is a silly question, forgive me.  We could use the hotel treadmills but BORING!  We were hoping to able to run outside somewhere.  We will not have a car, so either needs to be a short jog or taxi ride away.  Thanks.

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        Check my workout log for the maps of some of my runs during my Las Vegas trips 4/14 to 4/20 and 10/24 to 10/28.  Wetlands Park, Red Rock Canyon and race data from the River Mountain Loop, Lovell Canyon and an Xterra trail race are included.   Check out Red Rock Runs of Facebook they organize regular runs in Red Rock Canyon and maybe ask if someone will give you a ride.   Lvtc.org and its race calender is a good source for local race info.  I always find the cost of a rental car well worth it to go see all these different areas.

          The UNLV track is open to the public most of the day. I did a couple of workouts on it the last time I was there.

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            I know it sounds strange but among my favorite runs ever are the very-early morning runs I've done up and down the Strip.  It's basically a ten mile loop from the Stratosphere to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.  There are 7 Elevens on both the far south and north points of the loop to get water if you need it, in case you don't run with it.  There's a bit of going up and around on various stairs, etc., but between the novelty of doing it, the unbelievable people watching, and the feeling of scale going in front of all of those huge casinos, I have had a great run each time.