(Dallas Fort Worth, Texas) American Heroes Race (Read 454 times)

    Posting this a little late... but just found it in my email sifting yesterday. (I had way too many emails to go through) I was just seeing if anyone was running it from the local area. http://www.americanheroesrace.com/ The event is held memorial day near the Ballpark in Arlington. (Damn they got the Superbowl in 2011 Sad )


    Burninated Peasant

      Did you end up running it? My Memorial Day was already spoken for, but I was kind of curious how this one would turn out.
        My Experience Yes, I turned out for it and did the 5K. I have not been running in awhile was hoping to run it in 22 mins to make a new PR. The last 1.1 mile I could not hold up the pace Sad, but I did beat my last 5K time from Run to Joe's 5K! Big grin The Course Google Map of Course The 10K race was a waste of money as one would just ran around the course twice. It's a good thing I had my friend along otherwise I probably would of attempted the 10K. The Turnout Overall, the turnout was a decent. I was not expecting as many people given the weather. The important stuff... Snickers Marathon Bars Borden Orange Juice TXLC Bottled Water Borden Yogurt Apples Red Delicious Banana's Krispy Kreme Donuts Cinnamon Rolls


          Nice job on the race, Modal, and sounds like some good eats at the end. Hope you had fun in Europe.

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