Another Injury and Training plan revision (Read 74 times)

    Here is my situation. I followed Pfitz's 55/30 plan. After 13 weeks, I got my left Achilles injured, so I had rested for 5 weeks. I hardly ran. Last week I came back to the routine. After 27 miles, especially 10 miles on Sunday, my left ankle is ok, but my right Achilles gives me some warning. I tried to look after it. I got some massage, did eccentric heel drops, Yoga for runner. Today is better. I am still planning to run this week and monitor the problem.


    I have 12 weeks left for my first marathon. My question is whether I should switch my plan or stick on it. The Pfitz's 55/30 plan starts speed workout this week, but I dare not try it. If I stick on the plan, I have to skip most speed workout and also reduce the milage. One option I am thinking is to follow the 55/12 plan and start from the beginning. However, based on my current condition, maybe Pfitz's plan is too advanced and too risky. I could get serious injury.


    Any suggestion?

    5k - 20:56 (09/12), 7k - 28:40 (11/12), 10k trial - 43:08  (03/13), 42:05 (05/13), FM - 3:09:28 (05/13), HM - 1:28:20 (05/14), Failed 10K trial - 6:10/mi for 4mi (08/14), FM - 3:03 (09/14)


      Sounds like you've answered your own question. Injuries are real. They need time and attention. Or your 5 weeks will become 15 weeks. Oops, marathon missed.